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Welcome to the Minecraft Frontiers Wiki!


Minecraft Frontiers is an innovative entertainment project, delivering a blend of storytelling and consequential player choice. Our server is a living playground where your presence constantly influences your surroundings. This interaction between you and your environment results in an unpredictable experience. No more playing in worlds that are the same as they were a year ago. The time you invest here is guaranteed not to be wasted, as every moment spent has an effect on something, somewhere else in the world.

The whole experience is powered by fully custom plugins, created from scratch to ensure all of the systems are constantly interacting with one another. This level of cause-and-effect means every player is accountable for their own actions. While most games ask you to first act and think later, Minecraft Frontiers makes you think about the actions you are about to carry out. Harvesting a wheat field and selling it off-shore will result in food shortage on the island, influencing the prices of bread on the market. Killing off a group of bandits may result in an overpopulation of wolves, doing more harm than good. A Prefect or Minister of Trade setting sales taxes too high may actually ruin their gold income, possibly sending the city into a crisis and significantly influencing player wealth and value of currency.

These are only a few of the examples of how we aim to redefine not only Minecraft, but gaming in general. We see Minecraft Frontiers not as a server, but as a platform for innovation and meaningful entertainment that doesn't force players into making brainwashed decisions.

To access discussion about the Wiki, please visit [1].

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