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A dialogue is a conversation between an NPCs and a Player.

NPCs listen to the words you say. If they understand your phrases, they respond to you accordingly. The underlying system is fairly robust, allowing for complex conversations. Dialogues can have branches, conditions, multiple participants and a whole range of possible responses. They range from a simple chat with a bartender, to the management of towns.

Key Phrases

At their core, dialogues are simple. They rely on key phrases that the NPC understands. Keep in mind that these change based on context. When you first approach an NPC, they might respond to the word "hello", but not respond to "exports tax". At the same time, after first asking about politics, the NPC may then respond to "exports tax", but not respont to "hello" anymore.

As the system heavily relies on key phrases, it is important players know what to ask and when. Some phrases will be left for you to find out. However, we will provide a list of important phrases that everyone should have access to.

General Chat Phrases

Majority of NPCs will respond to these, regardless of their profession.

General Chat
Greets the NPC.
Starts a conversation about what God they worship.
Where am I?
Tells you your location.
What is your name?
Gives you the NPCs name/title.


Bankers allow you to access your bank account.

Get a quick overview of your finances.
Opens the banking interface.
open storage
Opens your personal storage.
buy storage
Buys the next upgrade of your bank storage.


Bartenders have the most extensive dialogues. Try asking them about things in the world.

Tells you any recent rumours.

Political Offices

The NPCs working here have information on the economy and politics. If you are a politician, you may use the dialogues to manage the town.

Office Workers
who is the Prefect?
Tells you who the current Prefect is.
who is the Trade Minister?
Tells you who the current Trade Minister is.
who is the Executive Magistrate?
Tells you who the current Executive Magistrate is.
Gives the balance in the town's treasuries.
Explains the taxes. Tells you the current tax rates.
Explains the political positions.
hello -> deposit
*Allows you to deposit money into your treasury.
hello -> withdraw
*Allows you to withdraw money from your treasury.
hello -> tax
*Allows you to manage taxes you are responsible for.

* = options only available to elected politicians.


The cartographer has in-depth knowledge of the world's places.

halls of death
Starts conversation about the halls of death.
The caves around the island are interesting places.