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B. Years before the founding of Patraeia
S. Years Since the founding of Patraeia

800B-Founding of Antea on Insulera

1S-Founding of Patraeia

100S-Initial contact and commencement of trade between Patraeia and Antea

180S-Patraeia goes to war against Antea, rumors of sorcery return from the front

200S-Mysterious event destroys Antea, Patraeia claims victory and the favor of the gods

200-2374S-Patraeia expands, defeats numerous enemies, establishes itself as greatest civilization, etc, rumors circulate about mysterious powers possessed by the Anteans

2374S-War against the barbarians escalates due to Emperor Claudius’s political ineptitude

2376S-Popular overthrow and assassination of Emperor Claudius

2376-2378S-Power vacuum, civil war, etc

2378S-Establishment of the Senate, end of civil war

2378-2380S-Senate is weak and corrupt, war w/ barbarians drags on

2380S-Senator Pertentus bribes and threatens his way into leading an expedition to Insulera, inspired by rumors of mystical power, founds Elpida

2381S- Settlers of Elpida set up a temporary camp, nearby the current docks. The wolf population prevents most exploration efforts.

2383S- As better defenses are set up, first attempts to chart the island begin. The east coast is explored. A potential area for future settlement is identified north east.

2385S- Center of Elpida, along with the main streets are built.

2386S - Efforts to explore the center of the island begin. Several explorers go missing.

2387S - As even more explorers go missing, and select Elpidan goods begin to disappear, Pertentus issues a ban of leaving the vicinity of Elpida. Venturing into the center of the island is strictly forbidden.

2388-2395S - Elpida grows steadily, constructs most buildings you see now. Farming and production of goods become quite profitable. Elpida slowly begins to prosper.

2396S - The need for more resources prompts Elpidans to make an exemption to the travelling ban, allowing for a few settlers to set up a mining camp in the north. First mine shaft is constructed.

2397S - First caravan route is established between Elpida and the mining camp.

2399S - Permanent buildings are constructed in the mining camp. Meanwhile, the followers of Phaedron become a popular religion in Elpida.

2400S - Several of Phaedron’s followers go missing. Pertentus claims the town is losing favor of the gods, arranges for more spending on religious matters. Pertentus personally oversees the budget.

2402S - Travelling ban is completely lifted, efforts to map the island continue.

2403S - Several points of interest are discovered, including the Halls of Death and various caves.

2404S - Pertentus invests heavily into an expedition to explore the caves around the island. After spending most of Elpida’s budget and months of exploration, Pertentus claims nothing was found and ends the project.

2405S(Today)-Pertentus dies, possibly murdered