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A citizen of Elpida is an active member of the community that receives certain benefits to their roleplaying experience and general immersion and capabilities. This status is achieved through the completion and subsequent approval of a biography posted on the forums.

Features of a Citizen:

  • Can own land
  • Can vote in elections
  • Can run for political office
  • Priority joining the server
  • More to come!

Recommended Character Biography Information and Layout

  • Username: [Your character's Minecraft username]
  • Discord Username (only if you want to be verified in the Discord group): [Discord Name and #]
  • Full Name: [Your character Name]
  • Nickname(s): [Character Nicknames]
  • Gender: [Character Gender]
  • Age: [Character Age]
  • Date of birth: [Date the character was born, current year is 2405S]
  • Place of birth: [Location of where Character was born, i.e. Mainland]
  • Job: [Character's current job]
  • Interests and hobbies: [Characters Interests and Hobbies
  • Religious Belief: [Religious beliefs of the character; see Gods page for additional information]
  • Signature Item(s): [Signature items that have a meaning to the character]

For additional guidance on writing a thorough biography and getting it approved, see this guide.