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Crafting is the process of combining components in order to create new items. It is one of the key gameplay mechanics, allowing players to turn seemingly useless objects into valuable export goods. There are no restrictions on who can craft, but crafting valuable items takes a significant amount of effort.

Crafting process

Blacksmith's Workbench

To craft an item, you must first visit a crafting workbench. These are usually found near workshops and are quite common. You then place the components into the workbench, in the order instructed by your crafting recipe (keep in mind that it does matter which specific slots your components are in). If the components are in the correct order, you may take out the result item.

Most items are crafted in multiple steps, meaning you may first have to turn components into advanced components, and only then attempt to craft your item.

Crafting disciplines

Crafting is divided into several disciplines, each revolving around thematically different items. Every discipline usually offers a large number of recipes, ranging from simple (single-step) recipes, to the most complex multi-step recipes.

Known Disciplines


Food, drink.


Weapons, armor, tools.

Jewellery Making

Accessories, gems.


Potions, herbs.

Recipe Difficulty

Main article: Recipe Difficulty

Some items are much more difficult to craft than others. The effort it takes to craft an item is called Recipe Difficulty. This is determined by several factors:

  1. Component Rarity - how hard it is to obtain the components.
  2. Component Quantity - how many different components are needed.
  3. Component Diversity - how many different playstyles contribute the components.
  4. Recipe Complexity - how many steps until you get the final item.

It is useful to consider recipe difficulty before attempting to craft an item. While nothing technically prevents you from crafting any item in the game, the last thing you want is running out of resources halfway through.

Impact of crafting

Crafters have a huge impact on the world around them. Crafting may result in:

  • Supplying other players with much needed items.
  • Creating export goods in order to make profit.
  • Allowing towns to progress by providing them with new tools.