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Punishment System

These rules apply to conduct on the server itself. While our server is a fun, engaging way to spend your Minecraft time, it’s not meant for trolls, griefers, bullies and cheaters. As with the forums themselves, we dislike having to discipline players and prevent them from enjoying their time at Minecraft Frontiers. However, we will take action if necessary. Punishment may include:

  • Being banned for a short period of time
  • Being muted for a short period of time
  • Having your server stats/possessions wiped
  • Repeat offenses may result in a longer/permanent ban
  • Repeat offenses may result in a longer/permanent mute

If you feel you are punished unfairly, you may appeal a ban by directly messaging an administrator on the forums. If you were also banned on the forums, please refer to the forum rules. These rules apply to conduct on the server itself. While our server is a fun, engaging way to spend your Minecraft time, it’s not meant for trolls, griefers, bullies and cheaters.

Server Rules

Any mods affecting gameplay in a way that gives an unfair advantage over other players are prohibited.

We permit the usage of certain mods that benefit players without giving them an advantage. Examples include Optifine and GLSL Shaders. If there is a mod you think should be allowed in gameplay, feel free to email our Staff.

Mods that will never be allowed include world downloaders, any kind of hack, x-rays, damage indicators and minimaps.

If you see anyone using prohibited mods, please report them to a moderator. Make sure you have some kind of evidence; note that screenshots will not be considered conclusive enough to determine that someone was indeed using a prohibited mod.

Players caught teaming with / receiving help from a hacker / someone using illegal mods will be treated as if they hacked themselves.

No spamming / excessive use of All Caps.

Spam is not appreciated, whether it be simply repeating the same message or sending different messages in quick succession. This also includes garbled messages, using punctuation excessively, and filling the chat with complete nonsense.

You may use all caps sparingly in-game, but please keep it to a minimum. Whole messages should not be written in all caps, and it is a moderator’s call as to how much all caps is too much all caps.

Keep the chat in English.

Minecraft Frontiers is an English-based server. In order to be able to protect all users through moderation, all messages must be written in the English language.

Users not using English in any form of public server communication will be warned. Continuing to use a language other than English will result in a mute.

Trolling is not allowed.

Do not trick other players into leaving the server or closing their Minecraft client.

Do not pretend to be a staff member. This includes pretending to be staff and threatening to punish another user as if you are staff.

Do not pretend to be using (or actually use) hacks.

Threatening to DDoS another user is strictly prohibited.

No advertising.

This includes, but is not limited to, promoting other servers, websites/links not from the Minecraft Frontiers forums, livestreams of another server’s gameplay, or another server’s Teamspeak. You may promote your own livestream of Minecraft Frontiers gameplay on the forums, not in-game.

Players reported advertising will be muted, and further offenses may provoke a ban.

Exploiting glitches is unacceptable.

The use of glitches / bugs that may appear from time to time in Minecraft Frontiers is prohibited. Instead, please report glitches / bugs / issues with the map to the Administration Team so that they can be fixed quickly.

Any players caught in the exploitation / sharing of glitches not meant to be a part of normal gameplay will be banned. Chances are, if no one else is doing it / knows about it, you shouldn’t be doing it either.

Disrespect of players is unacceptable.

Verbally abusing other players will result in a warning, and continued usage will provoke a mute.

Disrespect of staff is prohibited.

Minecraft Frontiers’ staff volunteer their free time to help ensure a premium experience for all players. Please respect and honor this commitment.

All rules that apply to normal players apply to staff. This means no taunting, aggression, put-downs or abuse.

If you feel the need to report a staff member, challenging them in-game is the wrong thing to do. Please contact the Administration Team and provide evidence to support your claim.

Sexism and racism are not permitted.

This applies to chat, usernames, skins and any other content that can portray sexism or racism in any way.

Users are always responsible for actions taken with their account.

Any excuses (such as a friend using your account or it being hacked) do not make your account exempt from punishment.

Please note players who donate to the server are not exceptions to these rules. All players, including donors and Moderators, must follow the above rules at all times. Punishment will be equal for all players, regardless of rank.