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Elpida is a colony of Patraeia. This means that Elpida is still loyal to Patraeia via paying taxes, supporting the nation in times of war, and trading with the mainland. However, the actual government of the colony is largely autonomous and capable of making important decisions independent of the Senate.

Elected Offices

The citizenry of Elpida plays a large role in determining its government. Each term, the residents of Elpida elect certain officials using the triumvirate system to make general decisions on behalf of the colony.

Each of the three main positions is unique and important:

  • Minister of Trade: Makes important economic decisions for the town, such as taxes and trade with the mainland
  • Executive Magistrate: Commands the militia in times of war, acts as chief judge and executor of the law
  • Prefect: Manages urban construction and housing

Voting Instructions

Use /register (position) to register for one of the three positions. Type in just /register for additional directions.

Use /vote (name of person) (position of person) to vote for a player. Type in just /vote for additional directions.