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Elpida is a colony of Patraeia. This means that Elpida is still loyal to Patraeia via paying taxes, supporting the nation in times of war, and trading with the mainland. However, the actual government of the colony is largely autonomous and capable of making important decisions independent of the Senate.

The citizenry of Elpida plays a large role in determining its government. Each term, the residents of Elpida elect certain officials using the triumvirate system to make general decisions on behalf of the colony.

Politics Features

Democratic Election

Players are elected into the political positions by a vote. Similar to real life, voting happens in regular intervals, allowing candidates to promote themselves ahead of time. Successfully elected officials then take up their office for a fixed term. While a lot can be done in one term, politicians need to be careful and secure a re-election for the next term. Only over several terms can a politician truly shine.

Three Branches

The political office is divided into three branches, each having one elected representative. The Trade branch deals with the economy of a town - managing banks, trade contacts, imports, exports and the local shops. The Executive branch keeps the citizens safe - they command the city guard, hold fights in the arena, issue exploration requests and even carry out large scale attacks. Finally, the Civic branch looks after the city infrastructure - they lease out plots, construct new buildings, provide key services such as healthcare or establish new mining areas.

Detailed Budgets

Each office has a detailed budget, with several sources of income and several expenses. The main challenge for a politician is to balance the finances out, ensuring the town progresses forward without having a negative balance. This is achieved through taxation, where each political branch has power over their own set of taxes. The trade branch may adjust export and import fees and local shop taxes. The civic branch profits from leasing out plots to citizens. And the executive branch receives coins from legal fines, as well as goods from exploration.

Global Standing

Foreign powers will take note of the overall enviroment on the island. Doing exceptionally well as a whole, successful politicians may unknowingly trigger special events. New trade routes may be established as a result, new political relationships may be formed. The political decisions have far reaching implications that are not immediately obvious. An exploitative government may suffer a military intervention from the mainland. A highly religious government may experience the presence of the gods. You never know just which factions are watching your political affiliation.

Elected Offices and Voting Instructions

Government operates in rotation through three critical periods: governing, nominating and voting. This rotation spans 2 weeks: nominations begin every other week start on Monday and end on Thursday, voting begin Friday after nominations to Sunday and a full week of normal governing period commences immediately afterwards.


There are three electable positions, with each position leading their respective branches:

  • Minister of Trade: Makes important economic decisions for the town, such as taxes and trade with the mainland
  • Executive Magistrate: Commands the militia in times of war, acts as chief judge and executor of the law
  • Prefect: Manages urban construction and housing


Nomination Example

This is the period to establish oneself or be established as a candidate for running. Only 8 people can run for each position, and 1 person can only run for a single position at any given time. Only people with approved bios (members) can nominate or run for elected office.


Voting Example

Voting now happens at polling stations (locations have not been finalized). Only people with approved bios (members) can vote. Members are permitted 1 vote per position.