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Version 2.0.2 (7/10/16)

New Features/Changes:

  • Crafting:
  • Shapeless recipes:
-Those pesky sticks can now be crafted in any location.
-They can even be crafted in your inventory crafting table (2x2)
  • A few recipes were fixed due to duplicate entry.
  • Although some recipes have become shapeless. Others have not!
  • Items:
  • Eating bug fixed:
-You can now repetitively eat food without have to unclick.
  • Fixed vanilla items still being edible (Should you get your hands on some).
  • The hunger mechanic is in the process of being re-evaluated. For those worried food is not balanced, we are looking into alternatives.
  • Trade:
  • New exports arrive every in-game day.
-As the sun is rising new exports will become available.
-This is approximately every 2 hours.
  • This fixes the inflation bug that went a long with the original time of exports. Prices should level out as players sell to the exports office.
  • Resources
  • Fixed resources always returning 100% of their item.
-Apples, and all the ores will now have a lower chance of dropping.
-Apples: Originally: 100% -> Now: 20%
  • Block placement bug.
-Players can no longer place any blocks, anywhere.

Version 2.0.1 (7/10/16)

New Features/Changes:

  • Crafting
  • Added 2 potion recipes, as well as their components.
  • Apples and Potatoes are now harvestable.
  • The wiki is now updated with all of our recipes.
  • Combat
  • Added two PvP safe zones - Elpida and Mining Village.

Version 2.0.0 (7/9/16)

7/9/16 : Phase 2 Prototype release!

Version 1.10.0 (1/31/16)

New Features/Changes:

  • Player Names

We can now apply names to users, in the chat, that match their bios. Throughout the week we will be going adding your character names. Please make sure you have the correct name in your bio.

  • Statistics

We are now collecting data on user interactions. We will have some of the data available for the public to view. This data will help us balance the game. Throughout the week will be adding more and more sets of data to help us understand how the game is currently being played.

  • Join Information

This is aimed to help inform players who may have been away on the current state of Insulera. This currently just holds information about current elected officials and when the next election dates are.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect damage being dealt to NPC's.
  • Fixed having no fishing bait allowing fishing to still occur.
  • Fixed NPC desync

New Infrastructure

  • Book Support

We now have the ability to generate written books into the game. In the future, you should see lore becoming available in-game, as well as crafting recipes.

  • NPC Stuff
  • Food Stuff

Version 1.9.0 (1/15/16)

New Features/Changes:

  • Added Fishing
    Fishing rods are now craftable.
    Fish in any source of water.
    Fish are edible and you have a chance to get a fish.
    You need bait to fish (Wolf meat bait and Wheat bait).
  • New Chat Channels
    Whisper [/chat whisper or /w (msg)]
    Global [/chat global]
  • Player details on hover
    In chat, when hover over player names, this will give the players details. Some example is username, if the player is an elected politician it will say their role. We will be adding more information to the hover when needed.
  • NPC
    Zacharaes (New NPC) -- Located in Political Offices

Politicians, this is where you can set taxes, see more information in the politicians section. Holds information about current politicians. NPC's can only be talked to in whisper or regular chat.

  • Politicians
  • Income
    You may now access your positions bank account via Zacharaes.
    *"I would like to <withdraw/deposit>"
  • Taxes
    Politicians may now set taxes
  • Prefect
    Respawn Taxes
  • Minister of Trades
    Exports Taxes
    Sales Taxes (Not currently in use)
  • Requisitions
    Requisitions now reset every 24 hours
    Requisitions prices now change based on supply and demand.
    If there is a shortage supplies prices will go up.
    If there is excess, prices will go down.
  • Harvesting
    Ore respawn time increased.
    Coal ore now drop rough sand.
    Rocksalt drop increased.
    Iron drop increased.
    Emerald drop decreased.
  • Mobs/Animals
    *Drop wolf skins
    *Wolf now have same combat stats
    *Attack range decreased.
    *Attack speed increased.
    *Damage increased.
  • New Items & Recipes
    Blacksmithing Tools
    Iron Blade
    Long Iron Blade
    Fine Iron Blade
    Iron Axe Head
    Comfortable Handle
    Fine Comfortable Handle
    Short Sword
    Short Sword - Sharpened
    Long Sword
    Long Sword - Lightweight
    Long Sword - Sharpened
    Zweihander - Lightweight
    Zweihander - Sharpened
    Companion (Mastercrafted Sword)
    Battle Axe
    Processed Stone
    Sharpening Stone
    Skinning Knife
    Wolf Leather
    Wolf Rawhide
    Wolf Skin
    Rough Sand
    Magnifying Glass
    Small Knife
    Engraving Tool
    Polished Emerald
    Cut Emerald
    Finely Cut Emerald
    Gold Dowel
    Golden Bracelet
    Engraved Golden Bracelet - Floral Motives
    Engraved Golden Bracelet - Mainland Mountains
    Engraved Golden Bracelet - Two Swords
    Emerald Golden Bracelet
    Fine Golden Bracelet
    Lush Forest (Mastercrafted Bracelet)
    Fishing Rod
    Piranha - Small
    Piranha - Large
  • New Schematics (Sort of)
    13x13 Mining Town Hospital
    21x21 2 Story House 1 new variant
    7x7 2 Story House (3-4 variants)

Others that will remain unlisted for right now. There is a current bug not allowing us to add new ones. This should be fixed in the next couple days. Once fixed, these plots will become available.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed combat dealing incorrect damage.
  • Fixed weapon blocking being ignored.
  • Weapons should no longer break
  • Fix flowers being dropped.
  • Fix some chests in plots not being identified.
  • Fix having to look down to eat.
  • Fixed Plots being identified as being unowned.

Version 1.8.0 (1/1/16)

Notable Changes:

  • New Plot(s)
    New 21x21 plot in mining town with id 113
  • New Schematic(s)
    Chests: 5
    Costs: 375  
    Only Available in Elpida
    Chests: 2
    Cost: 125
    Only Available in Mining Town
    Chest: 4
    Cost: 290
    Only Available in Mining Town

Version 1.7.0 (12/30/15)

Notable Changes:

  • Plots are now available for purchase. @Saphiria Veneficia (Your currently elected Prefect) is in the process of going around and making plots available.
  • New Buildings Added:
  • Plot details will soon be added to our wiki by @hastearms
    All buildings listed above can only be put in 13x13 plots and must be located in elpida(Plots #1-37).
    All of these buildings contain 2 chests, each chest has 6 rows in them. Chest can only be access by the owner of the plot.
    More buildings will be added in the coming days.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed All crafting recipes (specifically dough).
  • Fixed crops respawning as fully grown.
  • Fixed Items being destroyed by the Metal Former
  • Fixed Players being able to add items to item frames.
  • Fixed Client Graphical glitch of water being left on ground by buckets.
  • Fixed Players being able to rotate item frames.

Version 1.6.0 (12/24/15)

Notable Changes:

  • Smelted Ores in the metal mixer now rounds to two decimals.
  • All enderchests are being permanently emptied. Please make sure to retrieve any items you have placed in an enderchest.

Bug Fixes:

  • Can now vote for players who are offline
  • Metal Mixer now updates values while in inventory.
  • Metal Former now shares one inventory with people. Will now update for all players correctly.

Version 1.5.0 (12/23/15)

New Feature/Changes:

  • Buckets are now craftable via iron!
  • Custom food values! Food items no longer follow minecrafts default food value.
  • Apples are now available and will have to be manually located! They will be leaves that are different blocks than the tree.
  • Sugar canes are now available and will have to be manually located! At the moment you must break the sugar cane from top down.
  • Potatoes are now available and will have to be manually located!
  • New items!
  • New recipes!

New Items

●Sugar cane
●Dry bread
●Sturdy handle
●Iron pick
●Iron pickaxe

New Recipes

●Dry bread
●Apple bread
●White bread
●Sturdy handle
●Iron pickaxe
●Iron pick

Version 1.4.0 (12/22/15)

New Feature/Changes:

  • Added Bank Storage
  • Metal Components can now be smelted down(Receive back most of original ore).
  • Food is now assigned custom values.
  • Various back-end improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Exports not accepting the appropriate items.
  • Fixed Metal components
  • New ores should now correctly stack.

Version 1.3.0 (12/21/15)

Bug Fixes:

  • Crafting as a whole has been fixed. You can now craft wooden swords.
  • Crude planks no longer make sticks
  • Minecarts can no longer be broken.
  • Metal Mixer has been fixed.
  • Crafting with items is no longer finicky
  • Well now only fills 1 bucket at a time
  • Fix being able to withdraw 0 from bank

Version 1.2.0 (12/20/15)

Notable Changes:

  • Updated drop rates for rocksalt - now drops often in mines closest to Elpida
  • Number of ore nodes in Elpida cave is now doubled

Bug fixes:

  • Some bugs concerning crafting recipes acting strangely should now be fixed. (somewhat live, still some bugs)
  • Fixed NPC's player inventory from turning to glass panes
  • Fixed water climbing glitches

Version 1.1.0 (12/19/15)

Notable Changes:

  • New Items Added!
  • New Recipes Added!
  • Added custom ores!
  • Add NPC shops! Talk to Jorgen in Elpida to sell some logs
  • Requisitions are now available at docks
  • Changed "Staff Broadcast" to "Broadcast"
  • Removed debug messages from items
  • Removed debug messages from showing in combat.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed /plots commands. For plot info type "/plots info"
  • Fixed Player being able to place blocks
  • Fixed item duplication bug!
  • Fixed LogSplitter bug.
  • Fixed "Charging" spelling mistake.
  • Fixed chest in map containing loot.

12/19/15 : Phase 1 Prototype release!