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Donations are a great way of funding the server, whilst receiving exciting perks in return.

They allow us to deliver new content on a regular basis. As thanks, we provide our donators with a unique, tailored game experience. Donators also become part of the development process, helping us shape the future of Minecraft Frontiers.

See the list of tiers and rewards here: Tiers & Rewards


Everyone at Minecraft Frontiers is passionate about the project. No member of staff is making profit. Our goal is not to make money, but to create an innovative platform for as many members as possible. To achieve this, we offer a range of donation packages, allowing members of the community to contribute money monthly. This funding not only provides a backbone to our servers, but also assists significantly in the development of more features on a regular basis.

Donations work as a monthly subscription. We are partnered with PayPal to ensure a secure way for you to donate, while also giving you the option to cancel the subscription at any time.

The process is simple:

  1. Pick from a variety of donation packages, depending on how much you are willing to donate.
  2. Subscribe through PayPal - we never see your bank information. No registration with PayPal is necessary.
  3. Give us a while to process your subscription.
  4. Enjoy your goodies. Feel good about making the MF project possible!
  5. Cancel at any time.

Members vs. Customers

It is no secret that most online game companies are greed machines, and honestly, the same can be said for Minecraft servers. You invest time in the game, only to find out to some significant chagrin that someone is better because they spent money. And if you do spend money, you get just enough back to keep you playing (and paying) on a regular basis.

Our view is completely different - we are here to provide a fun experience for everyone. If you donate, we see you not as a customer, but as a member of the inner family. As such, we allow our donators to have say in our development. The staff will keep in touch, regularly asking for your feedback and ideas. We don't want you to spend money in order to get an item, as we firmly believe in a system that isn't pay-to-win. The way we view donations is that if you believe in our vision, you can feel free to contribute to the betterment of the server. Our rewards are put together with this exact mentality and do not consist of items that would give donators a gameplay advantage, but instead allow them to have a customised experience.

MF Donators Most Game Donators
Direct input to development.
No effect on development.
Have a tailored experience through items, personalised lore, roleplay elements.
Only get items.
Are each unique. No two donators will have the same experience.
Always get the same thing as everyone else who pays..
Get goodies that make the game more immersive, even at the lower tiers.
Get more power the more they pay.
Are balanced with non-paying members, still having to earn items and money.
Disrupt the sense of community, as they are different to non-paying members.
Have their bank information securely stored with PayPal.
May lose their bank information.