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Have you ever wanted to be in your own great adventure, taking arrows to the knee every day for a living? Or... perhaps you'd prefer to be a merchant selling his wares to the highest buyer. You may even decide to play a lonely farmer that keeps to himself his entire life. Whatever it may be, you can roleplay it! That is the beauty of such a concept, where you can literally be anything you want.

But should you?

If everyone was the same dragon slaying, monster murdering hero then what would the point in having an rpg server? The idea of Minecraft Frontiers is for everyone to play their own role in our fantastical society. Yes, you may be an adventurer, but you can also be a farmer, a merchant, or a thief. The possibilities are endless! Why go with the status quo hero when you can be a drunk begging for coin to buy more drinks!

Proper Etiquette

~Nobody wants to see “what up m8”, “four twenty blaize it”, or “memes” while roleplaying. It ruins the atmosphere that we at Minecraft Frontiers have worked so hard to develop. Please, from everyone, try to refrain from these actions that will break the roleplaying experience.

~Regarding swear words, there is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate. You can say”shite”(accented), “damn!”, or even “arse”. There are of course other words you may use, but please control yourself and not resort to these words when frustrated with other players(the ones we dare not speak in front of family). Merely roleplay a fight to get all that pent up anger out. There will be consequences if this happens as well, so please be appropriate to your character when it comes to language.(i.e. A child should not have the mouth of a sailor)

~Greetings can go a long way. There are a million and one different ways to say “Hi”, so use them! Feel free to experiment with this simple kindness. Who knows, the one you use may become popularized!

~Your own personal dialect is VERY important and it individualizes your character. Say, if you’re an old man, then stutter some words or speak slowly. If you are a High class citizen, talk with a large vocabulary and minimal grammar mistakes. If you’re a drunk, then slur your words and have fun with it!

~Common sense! Everyone must be realistic when it comes to physics and real-world mechanics. You cannot merely say *Joe shmo suddenly grew a pair of wings and soared into the air*. Think about if it could happen in real life, and roleplay it the best you can. -Be respectful. Enough said.


Your character may know very little, or a lot. Depends on their profile, their background, etc. That doesn’t mean that your character should know everything that’s happening when they have no realistic way of knowing. For example:

Rita cannot know that there was a large wolf attack on the other side of the map if she wasn’t a part of that event. She will have to find out for herself by asking around for rumors or stories.

This can really ruin someone’s fun, as it takes away that realism of searching for the story. Another example is when you ask a friend (via skype, slack, discord, etc) for help as you’re being attacked by other players just so you won’t lose. Again, this ruins the experience of a realistic occurrence.


This nasty little concept is another game-ruining experience. This is when a player refuses to give the other a chance at and action(usually happens during role play fights). Here’s an example:

(language is not supported by our lore, it is merely an example) John_Wollie : Hey, come in my car, let's go to my crib! You'll get some cash. Jack_Shang : Uhm, okay... I'll come with you in one condition... John_Wollie : No, get in!

John_Wollie grabs Jack and throws him into car. John_Wollie ties him.

See what happened there? Jack was given no choice to do much of anything in that situation, ruining the experience and causing for a probable fight out of character.

Now the most important thing about roleplaying is to HAVE FUN. So what if you die? Who cares if you lose and Arm/leg/etc? Make it a part of your own story because that is what you’re doing. You are creating your very own live action story! If your character loses a leg, then make a wooden prosthetic or become a homeless cripple. The possibilities are ENDLESS! You will be one very important part of many that will bring the world to life! So make it count!