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After you get accepted as a prototype tester and send @tcvs your Minecraft username, we will set you up as soon as possible. Starting up the game is not difficult at all. However, we strongly recommend you follow all of the additional steps, as it will make your experience a lot more fun in the long term.

Setting Up

This section will cover everything from registering, to the point when you connect to our server. Follow these steps and you should have the perfect Minecraft Frontiers experience. If you ever get lost, feel free to post on our forums. We are more than happy to help you with the process!

Prototype Registration

We are eager to let you in as much as you are. To keep our playerbase up to a set standard, we require every player to go through a registration process. As a result, every player on our server can be sure the community is pre-selected. This should make for an interesting storytelling experience, but is also designed to keep the amount of negative behaviour to a minimum.

To register for Prototype access, follow the steps listed here.

After your biography gets approved (your thread is clearly marked with an "Approved" label), please contact @tcvs on our forums with your Minecraft username.

Downloading Conquest

Downloading Conquest is possibly the biggest improvement you can make to your experience. Have a look at the images below for a before/after comparison. All of our builders used Conquest to put the world together and having it really brings the environments to life!

Conquest Enabled
Conquest Disabled

Staff member Saphiria has put together a guide to Optifine on our forums. It is highly recommended that you install OptiFine for a maximized playing experience. To then install Conquest, follow the official instructions.

Music Options

Our server uses custom music integrated through a web client and featuring location specific music based on where you are in game. It is not delivered through the texture pack anymore - instead, you open a website as you join the server and the sound is delivered directly through the website. This allows for multiple sounds to be able to play at once. In addition, the size of the texture pack is greatly reduced.


The server IP address is .

Simply add the server in your multiplayer section, with the IP address mentioned above.

Upon connecting, you will get a chat message, saying "[MF] Click me for sound". As expected, clicking the link brings up a website window that will deliver the custom soundtrack. Simply leave the website open in the background and enjoy your MF experience. Our server soundtrack has been fully licensed and is a great addition to the game. We highly recommend you have the music player open.

First Steps

So you connected. Now what? Minecraft Frontiers is a sandbox experience. This means the world is there for you to explore. There is no one way to play the game. A crafter may play the game very differently to an explorer. Still, the freedom may be overwhelming at first. This section is designed to guide you through the first few steps you might want to take. It is not necessary to follow the guide at all, but it may be useful.

Global Chat

By default, only those around you can hear you. To enable global chat, type "/chat global". This will switch you to global chat, making everyone on the server see your messages. To switch back to regular, allowing you to interact with NPCs, type "/chat". For more information on chatting, visit the Chat wiki section.

Arriving in Elpida

Elpidan Docks

Every new player starts out in the docks. This area holds the exports office - a key building used for exporting goods. The goods export process is fairly simple. You harvest resources, you craft an item, you export it, you earn money. This is the most basic way of making a living in Elpida - and also a guaranteed way. The list of items you can export changes regularly, so be sure to check the office every once in a while to know what you can export at the time.

After arrival, follow the path up the hill. This will lead you to the main town. Elpida is organised into districts. Take some time to explore the town. If you bump into an NPC, say "hello" to start a dialogue with them. You may chat with them like you would with any other player. If they recognise your words, they will respond. Feel free to stroll through the streets, meet some players, visit a few buildings that interest you. Visiting the taverns is particularly important, as the bartenders know quite a bit about the local rumors. Just ask them.

Your first axe

Map of the island.

To do anything productive, you will need tools. The basic tools are made out of wood. However, using unprocessed wooden logs won't be any good. You will need to split logs using an axe. To get your trusty axe, you will need to get your hands on wooden logs. Luckily for you, the lumberjack in Elpida has plenty to give out, and for free! You can find the lumberjack in his shop, in Trade Street. This is located just off the Main Square in Elpida.

Head back to Elpida's Main Square and visit his crafting bench. He will be happy to share his stations with you.

The imperfect stick recipe.

Step 1: Make imperfect sticks

To craft your axe, you will first need 2 Imperfect Stick. You can make them using the logs you obtained from the lumberjack. Simply place two logs above each other, in the top left corner of the crafting bench. Take your stick out and repeat the process.

The trusty axe recipe.

Step 2: Make trusty axe

Now that you have your 2 Imperfect Stick, combine them with 3 Log, in the shape shown on the left. This will create your very first axe!

In many cases, crafting requires a lot more steps. You might need to create multiple components (such as Imperfect Stick), or even combine components to form other components. There is a range of items to craft, with different crafting difficulties. Always make sure you don't jump ahead and craft the most difficult items straight away. There is profit to be made on the easier items too!

Splitting Logs

The log splitting station.

The process of splitting logs converts the logs you have into split logs. Split logs can then be used in further crafting. For most recipes, you will have to split logs first.

The log splitting station is also located in the Mining Town, right next to the Blacksmith's tent. It can also be find near the Blacksmith's Shop in Elpida. It looks like a wooden stump. Walk up to it with a wooden log in your hand and right-click it. This will place the log on to the splitter. Then take your trusty axe and hit it like you mean it!

Logs will split in no time. Make sure you do this a couple of times to have enough split logs for making your first pickaxe.

Logs or split logs do not have any immediate value. You can't export them at the office. They are a crucial part of the crafting cycle though, as they are needed in many of the components. Even rare items will often need at least a few of the basic ingredients.

Crafting a Pickaxe

A wooden pickaxe will let you mine ores quite efficiently. Well, not super efficiently, but it sure is better than mining with your hands. There are no limits on which ores you can mine, so even with your wooden pickaxe, you'll be able to get the good stuff!

As mentioned before, crafting often works in steps. A pickaxe has several steps. It may take time, but it is that more rewarding for you. Remember, the harder something is to make, the more expensive it will be. Prices at the export office will depend on how many people sell the stuff. If you find an item that is very hard to make, chances are not many players will take the time to craft the item. As a result, you will be one very happy crafter as your pockets start overflowing with gold coins!

Step 1: Get split logs

Using your Trusty Axe, get at least 3 Split Logs.

Step 2: Get imperfect sticks

As before, you will need to convert 2 Log into Imperfect Stick. Do this at least 2 times.

Step 3: Craft a wooden pickaxe

To finish the recipe, combine 2 Imperfect Stick and 3 Split Logs, using the shape on the left. This will result in a Wooden Pickaxe.

The wooden pickaxe recipe.

Final Decision

With your new pickaxe, you are now free to visit the mine and try to obtain some metals. Alternatively, you could also make a trip back to the docks, visit the exports office, and see if they are buying wooden pickaxes (if yes, with what you now know, you could make a nice profit!).

You now know how to craft items. Making a wooden pickaxe is hard work, but it is only the tip of the unique and dynamic crafting gameplay. If you enjoy it, consider learning about new recipes. Who knows - you might make a nice living crafting items and exporting them! If you are more of a warrior, try to get your hands on a sword. With a weapon, you can explore the wilderness and try your luck with hunting. Animals often drop materials that you may either use or trade with other players. Most importantly, don't forget to have fun. Elpida is a living experience, with adventure waiting on every corner. We are constantly adding additional features, meaning there will always be new stuff for you to learn, new areas to explore, and fresh things to do!

Useful tips:

  • Visit the bank to deposit your earned money. This will prevent you from accidentally losing it, or dropping it on death.
  • Talk to NPCs. Some of them might share information that may make your life easier, including crafting recipes or directions to hidden areas!
  • Make friends. You may be a one-man (or woman) army, but Elpida is a complex community. You will achieve things far easier when you team up with others.
  • Write down things as you discover them. There is a lot to learn, so make sure you note down that odd recipe you find or that peculiar structure you located. You never know when you'll need these!