Fully Simulated Economy

Intelligent NPCs

Politics and Land Ownership

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Tactical Combat

With each weapon behaving differently, preparation is key. Players equip appropriately for a given enemy, manage their stamina and attack at just the right time.

Deep Crafting

Hundreds of recipes and dozens of crafting processes mean crafting never gets old. Every item on our server is forged by players, making crafters truly relevant.

Town Management

Citizens compete for political positions and manage various aspects of the town life. With the ability to construct new buildings, our game world is never the same.

Simulated Economy

Currency changes hands. Every purchase you make fills the pockets of another player of NPC. Product prices change based on supply and demand - every decision has an effect.

Intelligent Life

Our NPCs are powered by a custom, powerful engine. They harvest resources, craft items, run businesses, raid dungeons or even socialise. The whole experience runs without the need for a single players.

Responsive World

All of our systems are built in-house, allowing for complete integration. As soon as you join, you will have an effect on your surroundings. You are not a player, you become part of the virtual world.

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