Responsive World

The moment you step onto the island, it has already changed. Your surroundings constantly adapt to the decisions you make. Our development team has focused on weaving all of our plugins together, creating a level of impact you have not seen before.

The game is supported by a large database server, storing information on everything you do. From crafting an item, to killing a wolf, everything is tracked so that NPCs may respond accordingly. Attacking a trade caravan means goods won't reach their destination. Hunting all the wolves may lead to an overpopulation of rabbits, ruining farmers' crops. Exporting a large amount goods may mean traders will recognise you the next time you meet.

Key Reponsive World Features

  • Dynamically Linked Plugins

    Because all of our plugins are developed by us, we decide how they all interact. At any point in time, a plugin (such as the NPC manager) has access to any other plugin we have (politics, combat, crafting). This means our system was made with the highest level of interaction possible. Crafters, warriors, politicians, explorers all play next to each other, contributing to the same goals.

  • Statistics

    Our systems are connected to a large database, storing all of the information on players and NPCs. This means all your deeds are recorded, triggering specific responses in the future. Were you the first one to craft a legenrady sword? NPCs will prefer your blacksmithing shop. Did you kill an innocent trader? The guard will keep an eye out the next time you are in town. Eventually, many of these statistics will be available right from this website, giving players an overview of the state of the world.

  • Weekly Events

    We have a dedicated events team, responsible for creating and running events on a weekly basis. These include both one-time activities (races, scavenger hunts, roleplaying sessions), but also longterm story chapters. Our lore writers have put together three story arcs, each scheduled to last 3-6 months. Every player will have the opportunity to experience this content, filled with unique areas, scripted props, staff actors, rare rewards and a lot more. Players will decide the outcome of the story, changing the world around them permanently.

  • Staff Interaction

    The team is run in an extremely approachable manner. We are constantly talking to our players, reading the forums and working on future content updates. As soon as you join the community, we do our best to deliver a personalised experience. The more you play, the more we try and adapt the server to your needs. Our future content updates are often directly inspired by requests from our players - be it a post on the forums or something we heard from a player directly.