Combat is at the core of our experience. Naturally, it is one of the first systems we drafted out. With our update to 1.9, combat got an overhaul, offering even more choices for the players. Paradoxically, it is not the blocking that is being added (we had that in already). The new addition is a feature we call damage types. Our combat system is a blend of strategic preparation, stamina management in the heat of the battle and skill of landing your blows.

  • Equipment may cause various types of damage - piercing, blunt, burning, poison ...
  • Armor offers protection to specific types of damage
  • Blocking at the right time may prevent damage altogether
  • Each weapon behaves differently
  • NPCs dynamically adapt to the weapon they are using

Your battles actually begin in town, when you decide which equipment to use. Weapons differ in terms of damage types Keeping damage types in mind is crucial. While a sharp blade (piercing) may do a lot of damage to a wolf, it may do little harm to a heavily armored warrior. A large hammer may hurt even through the warrior's armor, but may be less effective when fighting a quick wolf. , but also through stamina and cooldowns Certain weapons (daggers) attack quickly, while draining little of your energy. These may be useful when fighting quick targets, where you are not certain how accurate you will be. On the other hand, a two-handed sword packs a punch, but will exhaust you with only one or two swings. . Crafters are able to forge all sorts of weapons, giving adventurers a large array of weapons to choose from. In the end, it is completely up to you how you want to approach a fight.

When facing your enemy, you are constantly making impactful decisions. This makes every battle unique, keeping you on your toes every second of the fight. Your stamina is a precious resource. You need to find the delicate balance between using up your stamina offensively and saving just enough to block with your shield Blocking is key to winning a fight. Lifting your shield up may protect you from most of the damage, making your opponent's attack useless. But hold your shield up for too long and you will quickly exhaust yourself. .

This combat system allows us to deliver an experience that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Players who spend time learning about the various beasts will have a significant advantage over their more spontaneous friends. Hunting manuscripts only teach you so much. A devoted scout will have the opportunity to write down their own manuscripts and potentially sell them for a hefty sum of gold! There are a lot of intricate details in our combat system and we are thrilled to see how our players tackle some of the challenges.