Donation Packages




  • Monthly Delivery A surprise box of limited in-game items will reach your character every month.
    These items are only available to donators and change each month. Once they are sent out, they will never ship again!
    This box contains one or more lore-related items.
  • Premium Forum Features Show your bling with an exclusive forum title.
    Gain access to subscriber-only forum sections.
    Chance to be interviewed in our highlighted member post.
    Mention in our monthly progress report.
  • Advanced Story Your character biography put in-game as a book.
  • Ambassador's Letter A letter from the ambassador, officially welcoming your character to the island. (in-game item)
  • -




  • Royal Dye The ability to dye leather armor with the Royal Dye.
    This dye is only available to donators.
  • Signature Item Your character's story will truly stand out with the addition of a fully custom item, inspired by your character's biography.
    This item will be delivered to you, in exchange for an item of same gameplay effects. (e.g. if you want a diamond sword signature item, you will need to craft the regular diamond sword item first)
  • Ambassador's Knowledge Extensive selection of new dialogue options when talking to the Ambassador.
    Access to donator-only lore, detailing what life is like in the Mainland.
  • Historical Books Your character will get a collection of tradeable, historical books.
    There books let you uncover more of the story behind our world.
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  • All rewards from previous tiers




  • Presitge Homes When buying a home, choose from layouts only available to donators.
    Prestige homes offer exotic and unusual styles, designed by known architects from the Mainland.
  • Signature Recipe A signature item on steroids. Dream up a custom item and work with our game designer to implement is as a craftable recipe. See your fellow Elpideans uncover and produce your creation.
  • Community Highlight Consuls get enhanced community spotlight.
    This may include listing on our homepage, mention in our newsletters or listing in our forum updates.
  • Staff Roundtable Participate in monthly Skype chats with our staff.
    While we listen to every member of our community, participating in these chats means your ideas are discussed in detail.
    The roundtable meetings also give you insight in to our upcoming features.
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  • All rewards from previous tiers




  • Exotic Town Plots When buying town plots on behalf of the town, you have access to a variety of exotic building styles, only available to donators.
    These styles significantly alter the way a town looks, giving the town a unique feel noticed by everyone visiting.
    Note that you must be elected as Prefect in the appropriate town, to be able to purchase town plots.
  • Signature Requisition The custom recipe you designed will become a requisition. Work with our game designer to pick the appropriate trade faction and link it to your item, creating market demand.
    The exports office will now request your custom item from time to time, paying out coins to those who craft and deliver the signature piece you brought to the world.
  • Custom Dialogues You will get the opportunity to design custom dialogues for our NPCs, inspired by your character.
    These will allow NPCs to have an extensive range of dialogues about your character, making you a lasting part of our world.
  • Hall of Heroes Statue Your character will be commemorated in the Hall of Heroes, having their own statue for everyone to see.
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  • All rewards from previous tiers

What are donations?

Donations let you contribute money towards the development of Minecraft Frontiers. While the project is completely self-sufficient, any income generated through donations goes directly into development. This allows us to deliver content exceeding our original budget, such as extended soundtrack, professional artwork, voice-over NPCs, lore books written by professional writers, more powerful server structure, interactive sections of the website or physical merchandise rewards for our community. In the long term, a steady stream of donations can really help us grow as a community.

Do I get something in return?

We encourage players to view the donation as just that - a voluntary contribution of money to the development of the project. The biggest reward is the additional content your donation provides! With that in mind, we have put together four donation packages, each containing rewards as a thank you for your contribution. Each package contains a carefully selected list of perks, designed to personalise your experience better. Once you start donating, we consider you part of the development framework. This means many of the rewards involve creation of unique personalised content. This content is meant not to make your character more powerful, but to tailor the world more to your liking. This allows you to become part of the Minecraft Frontiers legacy, which we hope will be an amazing experience for you as a donator.

What if I can't donate?

We took great care selecting the donation perks. If a player can't donate, they do not miss out on gameplay progression. You will not be any less powerful, you will not be locked out of content, you will not be missing out on any fun. Even better, some of the donation rewards improve the experience for the server as a whole. This means you will get access to some of the buildings or items a donator helps design, even if you don't donate yourself. We are always glad when dedicated members of the community help with the bills - it helps us deliver great stuff for everyone. At the same time, we will never push any player into donating - we understand much of our community consists of young people who can't afford it.

Are the donations Mojang EULA compliant?

Absolutely. In many cases, our donation rewards are even more strictly controlled than Mojang requires. We are very keen on developing the economical aspects of our server. Selling power, gameplay affecting content or any economical advantages (even indirect ones), are a big no no for us. If you are confused about some of the perks, or feel they offer unfair advantages to donators, do not hesitate to contact our owner (@Tomas) on the forums. We will happily answer any questions you might have.

Why should I donate?

There are many reasons why donating is a great idea. You help us deliver more content than we expected. We are funding the project from our own pockets, because we love our vision. Every penny earned from a donation allows us to go beyond what we budgeted for, making the experience better for everyone. Donating allows you to get a closer look at the development. Many of our rewards involve you helping create content for our server - which is an amazing experience. You will learn how our world is put together, getting a real behind the scenes look at Minecraft Frontiers. As a thank you, we will deliver a unique selection of items to your character every month. This is a nice surprise to start your month with. Donating also improves the experience for those around you. Be it getting lore you can share with others, the ability to purchase new building styles for your town or creating new personalised content. All in all, donating is a brilliant framework for everyone involved. It's a great chance to support something you love.