We've played enough roleplaying games to know one thing: there are a lot of people who love crafting. Not everyone wants to be a brave dungeon crawler. Sometimes it’s more fun to be a blacksmith or a baker. Sadly, in the majority of games, the only real way of becoming famous is to find a dungeon and loot some treasure. This leaves all the bakers in the shadow of the warriors, greatly unappreciated by the system.

What’s more, crafting often doesn’t give people the depth one would expect. You have hundreds of creature spawns to choose from when you decide to kill stuff, but when you want to be known for making swords, you have to make the same sword over and over again. If the system is complex enough, after making a hundred of those swords, you might learn a “better version”.

We are here to change that!

Crafting in Minecraft Frontiers

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    Custom Recipes

    We recognize that many games don't give crafters the range of options they deserve. That is why our server offers fully custom, multi-step recipes. What does this mean? Whenever you want to craft an item, you will have to learn how it is made.

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    Multiple Steps

    Simple recipes will not require you to know every little corner of the game world. However, we can promise you that no recipe will be as simple as combining two items together. Every item consists of parts that also have to be crafted.

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    Killing monsters will never drop a finished item. A politician will rarely be able to obtain something he can use straight away. Instead, most dropped items will be crafting ingredients used in recipes. This means crafters are a key aspect of the community.

Our project makes crafting a viable career choice, as important as any other. The world is filled with crafting components There are hundreds of components for you to obtain. While not useful on their own, once combined they create very powerful items. Players will often seek out crafters who know their trade in hope of turning rare components into profit. , items that have no use unless a crafter processes them. This creates a tight ecosystem where players depend on one another. Warriors need weapons and armor, politicians need expensive outfits to charm the masses, the nobility enjoys expensive food, citizens need housing materials to construct their homes. Chances are no matter what playstyle one pursues, they will need a crafter at some point in their life.

The crafting disciplines open to everyone. At the same time, only devoted crafters will stand out. Simple items will have straight forward recipes, but the more powerful the item, the more complex the process is. Crafters will need to procure components from a range of sources, uncover multi-step recipes, work with the imports office to ship in rare goods and befriend NPCs to gain access to materials. The crafting difficulty works in four dimensions Item difficulty is classed in four categories. Rarity - this means obtaining items that are uncommon.
Quantity - this means obtaining a range of different components.
Diversity - describing how many different professions you will need to engage with.
Complexity - how many different crafting steps the final item needs.
This allows us to deliver a rich crafting experience, challenging crafters in multiple ways.
, meaning there is incredible depth to crafting the most advanced items.

Crafting itself is a rewarding playstyle. It offers incredible variety. Each crafting discipline is different. Blacksmiths have access to ore smelthing and weapon modifications. Tailors have a go at armor socketing. Jewellers are able to personalise items. Cooking lets chefs mix tastes together to meet specific demand. All of these signature processes give crafters the space to learn and excel at their job. The most experienced ones may even create mastercrafted items Every crafting discipline has a few mastercrafted items. These are very difficult to craft, but also give the most benefits. A mastercrafted item will require the crafter to know all there is to know in their field. In turn, the mastercrafted products are very memorable. They contain unique lore and are often linked to key characters in history. Selling them guarantees a hefty reward and perhaps even world-wide renown. - products that are above all else.