Intelligent Life

All of our plugins are developed in house. From the swinging of a sword, to the construction of a new temple. This means our NPCs can interact with everything else we built, leaving us with limitless possibilities. As you explore our island, you'll often meet characters going about their daily business. In many ways, an NPC won't be recognisable from players. They craft, buy and sell goods, explore and fight, raid dungeons, own property and even run for politics.

We aim to deliver an immersive experience and our NPCs are a big part of that. Players are able to form relationships with the characters they meet and feel a connection to the world they live in.

Key NPC Features

  • Combat Integration

    With a large variety of weapons, not two fights with an NPC are the same. Our characters dynamically adapt to the weapon they are wielding. A bandit with a dagger will fight up close, trying to attack you rapidly. The same bandit with a longsword will play much more defensively, only attacking when the hits are guaranteed. These behaviours naturally emerge from the combat system. We don't need to tell our NPCs to fight up close, they learn what strategy is the best for their weapon of choice.

  • Crafting Participation

    Citizens are able to use the crafting system. They learn recipes, gather materials and craft items. As you walk through the town, you will bump into crafters frantically looking for ingredients or shopkeepers shouting at passers by. This keeps the environment fresh, with something always going on. The characters of our world are able to sustain themselves, living in the universe on their own.

  • Dialogues

    Our chat system is tightly integrated with the non player characters. As you walk up to a character, they will start a conversation. Chatting just like you would to another players, they pick up keywords in your sentences and respond appropriately. This lets you have a fluid discussion with the characters you meet, learning about a variety of topics. NPCs are also able to talk to each other, exchanging stories of their travels.

  • Reputation

    Every action you make slightly changes how NPCs feel about you. As you go about your daily life, the system is keeping track of your deeds in the background. Supplying the army with a large shipment of swords may significantly improve your standing. The next time you walk past a guard, they will be greatful for your help. At the same time, the criminal factions may take notice and even try to hunt you down. This also influences the range of possible dialogues - citizens will talk to you in a very different manner if you are well known in their circles.