The Bank Raid - v1.0.3

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    The air was quiet and uncomfortably still, as if the world was holding its breath. The sun stayed low in the sky, barely peeking it’s bright white face into the indigo sea of stars. Whispers caught on the wind like stitches being snagged and torn, the city knew that trouble was brewing.

    Figures, dark and grey, like smokey smudges in the square slinked quietly over the cobblestones. Unlike assassins, or other feared trouble, they seemed large, bulky, and sharply shaped against the shadows of the sandstone buildings. Over their shoulders dark longswords winked wickedly at the dawn, baring their cold, iron blade with boldness. They continued to shuffle through the heavy dimness, and their muffled voices could be heard echoing through the empty streets.“It’s gonna be a big ‘aul, this one is.” One of the figures said in a deep, gruff voice with a rough accent showing that they were not from this city, or at least hadn’t been for a good few years. “Shut the ‘ell up.” Another figure said, clocking the first round his large, muscular head, and leading the group forward. They continued to shuffle forward, their weaponry chiming like ominous charms of death, warning the empty wind of their evils. Once the group reached the bank, they stopped, staring up at the large, majestic building. “Vere’s security, from what I ‘eard.” The large figure stated in that same, gruff accent. “Ven we split, take ‘em from the sides.” After some more growling whispers, they split into two groups, and rushed off into the darkness.

    Two loud cracks could be heard, a billow of dust went up in the streets, and bricks toppled to the floor, cracking and crashing. “You idiot! We were meant to be quiet-like.” One figure grunted. A small team of security started shouting in surprise, but within seconds they were jumped on and slaughtered, standing no chance against the massive cascade of iron and steel. The group continued past the corpses of security, and within twenty minutes they returned with large, bulging sacks of gold. “God, this is enuff for a whole new arsenal! It’s like it’s me birfday!” One of the figures said with delight, rushing along with the group to flee with the money. “I already told ye to shut up, say one more fing and I’ll chop off yer fingers and yer toes,” One lady said, rolling her small, ugly eyes. The group went quiet, but they all began to loosen and laugh as they ran through the streets holding the huge moneybags. “Phaedron was looking down on the bandits tonight boys and girls,” The largest figure said, as they reached the edge of the city. “What do we say fellas?” He turned towards the group, who rolled their eyes like schoolchildren and recited, “Fank yew Phaedron for yer blessin’ of our ‘aul tonight.” The large figure grinned and nodded, and the group burst into laughter again as they disappeared into the night, scampering away like unruly wolves.

    And their greedy, massive cackles laid heavy in the broken air as they left, settling painfully over the four corpses of the security guards.

    Today's update comes after some sad news out of the bank. As such, the bank is currently investigating the recent raid and all those who had money in the bank will receive compensation after the investigation is completed. Until then, bank accounts are empty.

    Also, don't forget government nominations have opened! Head to the political offices in the high court of Elpida to register. You must be a Citizen of Insulera to be eligible to run for office.

    New Features:
    • Added New Shopkeepers:
      • Miner - mining supplies, ores
      • Atroledis - Explorer’s armor set
      • Weapons - swords
      • Architect - housing components
      • Florist - healing herbs
      • Added encouragements for full bellies (It increases your stamina)
    Balancing Changes:
    • Tweaked food consumption (You now don’t have to feast like a beast)
    • Players now get 50% more stamina when they have full food.
    Gameplay Fixes:
    • Fix for bank accounts multiplying people's money.
    • Fix apple orchards disappearing over time
    • Disabled /msg command
    More balancing for food will be coming out in v1.0.4.

    ~ The Minecraft Frontiers Development Team
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