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Temples are curious parts of Elpidan society. They house many holy relics, and carry out the will of their patron god. For every god has their own temples, and there has yet to be a temple that caters all gods. Many fear that this would upset them, for their prayers are divided and may not satisfy their patrons. None the less, these temples are for the betterment of all, and are very unique in their own way. Over the course of time, there have been many divine temples that have been constructed, all of which carried specific details and aspect of their patron God. It is very important to do so, otherwise you may upset that specific god and bring about catastrophes that are unimaginable to mortal man. For these houses of prayer are perhaps the holiest and most divine power in all of Elpida, and it should remain that way til the end of time.

The Gods and their Divines

Temple of Aestheria: Goddess of beauty Temple of Ignarus: God of fire and war Temple of Legaros: God of cities, protection, law, and the aether
Temple of Marventa: Goddess of the ocean, the wind, and the stars Temple of Metus: God of wealth, prosperity, the harvest, and the sun Temple of Phaedron: God of darkness, shadows, and clouds