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God of the Sun

Metus is a very humble God, and his followers are known to be the same. His followers, as diverse as they are, can be very ambitious when it comes to wealth. It’s not uncommon, in fact, to see many merchants conversing with farmers on their sales, as well as vise versa. However, Metus doesn’t view wealth nor prosperity in the way many have lead to believe. For the God of prosperity and wealth thinks of both as an internal value, or something that is held dear. Metus, in his eyes, sees a poor farmer without any coin to feed his family. Everyone may see him as poor, when he has wealth in love, family, and affection. Merchants who carry special heirlooms, despite its value or worth, will refuse to sell for its value, and the emotional wealth the object brings. Regardless, these beliefs are mainly known to those who have been dedicated to Metus, and have followed his meaning rather than his image. But still, wealth and prosperity have been known to be with those in power, resulting in their waves of sacrifice that flow into the grand temples. For those who can, will often pay homage and coin to the temples in order for their grandeur to be preserved. This results in large, towering structures painted with gold and other precious metals. Often at times, large jewels will be placed within the temples, decorating its halls in vibrant blues, greens, reds, and more. The priests of Metus are just as well kept, as their robes are woven in gold silk, often wearing jewels around their neck or in other fashions. However, with such quantities of coin pouring into these temples, many have seen those who follow Metus as greedy, keeping the wealth to themselves. This is not the case, however, for a majority of the donations are given to those in need, such as struggling farmers, homeless citizens, and even poor travelers. It does not matter who it may be, the temples of Metus are places of generosity for those who seek it.