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God of Fire

The god of war is often referred to as the Red God, since many spill blood in his name. Ignarus’ followers often see themselves as ruthless with a cause, instead of simply fighting without a reason. Due to Ignarus’ fall into the Nether, his followers see his rage as their own, and pray to him for strength in any coming battle. many of these followers are guards, fighters, or even those who favor war as the best diplomatic solution. Be it forceful politicians or barbaric gladiators, those of Ignarus use power with an iron fist, and others tend to go to them for dire need, if those of Legaros are unwilling to help. Unlike the other gods, Ignarus will accept sacrifices as worship in exchange for power. Often times, cattle or sheep are sacrificed to fuel an army’s leadership and power before battle, some giving prayers as well. This also happens within their temples, which tend to be mainly training ground for these warriors. Cities with strong defenses will often have these temples nearby, training their forces for gladiator matches, or their protection. Regardless, these temples are very large in size, and is mainly occupied by rooms for the warriors, weapons, forges, and other necessities that are needed for war. But the sacrifices that are made have a special altar in which it is done. Many may see such actions as unlawful, or even barbaric while these alters hold more meaning to ignarus’ followers. For his priests, often masters of war, see the sacrifice as a reminder that they are still mortal, and the death of the animal is the first blood to be spilt in Ignarus’ name before men begin fighting.