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If they are born of one god and one human, they are called demigods (far less powerful but still very powerful and magical). They are not immortal, but have many magical and incredible talents, such as super strength, shape-shifting, flying, elementary summoning, mind-control etc. For Gods, they do not see sleeping with humans as cheating.

All known demigods:

-Persephone, daughter of Phaedron. Mainly known for her seduction and manipulation skills

-Thea, daughter of Phaedron. Mainly known for her shape-shifting and face-swapping

-Derward, son of Legaros. Mainly known for his amazing fighting skills which he used to defend the realm

-Idgi, daughter of Aestheria. Mainly known for her incredible beauty and singing skills.

-Aeceus, daughter of Marventa. Mainly known for her exploration and voyage skills.