The Political Landscape

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    Politics is a complicated field. You have to balance the needs of many competing groups all while furthering your own agenda and making sure you don’t upset the general public. Radicals aren’t appreciated in politics, and are usually met with hostility, and a losing election. People who stick with the status quo are prided because no one wants the delicate balance upset. In Elpida, the role of a politician is no different.

    Elpida has a political triumvirate running the colony. Each member of the triumvirate is responsible for dealing with a section of the colony’s duties. The economic conditions, including how trading occurs, what taxes are associated with it, and how heavily ordinary citizens are taxed, are primarily controlled by the Minister of Trade. All parts of the justice system, from controlling the town militia to serving as the chief judge fall under the duties of the Executive Magistrate. Lastly, charged with managing urban construction, town expansion, and housing is the Prefect.
    But just telling you about the positions running the colony of Elpida isn’t any fun. I mean, politics is for rich people and probably controlled by the admins right? NOPE.

    Following the start of the server, an election will soon take place to determine the next three members of the triumvirate. Running for a position will require a certain reputation with the town of Elpida, and enough money to campaign for yourself. After a registration period, voting will open up to all members of the server (residents of Elpida) and the votes will be tallied up after a few days. The winning candidates will then be put into office and given control of their respective position. Of course, you’ll have a lot of responsibility as a politician. Being a politician is a full-time job and lack of dedication will lead to losing the next election or even being prematurely being removed from your position (angry mobs are not good things to have outside your house!).

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