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    Alright so I was thinking that since this is a "Roleplay" server, maybe ya'll would have some neat stories from when you participated in other Roleplay like situations! I want to hear everyones expierences, whether they are from the Frontiers server or if they are from a session of Dragon Age Origins! I don't care, I just want a good story!

    Here ya'll, I'll start with one that was rather fun and amusing:

    During one of my many games of space station 13, I was playing a scottish asteroid miner. (I basicly sat around and managed a huge drill on an asteroid as well as took back anything it mined up to the station). Well, after about 30 minutes or so of playing my drill hit the jackpot, leaving my division of mining done for the entire rest of the round (I asked the Admins and it was a special case that happend 1 out of 1000 times). So I basicly had an entire round to do whatever I pleased. So being a proud scottish man, I put on my kilt and went to the bar (Space bar, ha, get it). I told the old barkeep, strongest drink you got. He gave me it, and being how I knew the game well I knew that if you drank it fast you'd get drunk (It basicly randomizes your movement and makes your letters appear like ThI5, making you look drunk) and i managed to roleplay for a while roaming the station singing about how i loved rum, I actually had a song about it at the end of the round on the shuttle! "What will we do without our rum! What will we do wit'out our Rum! What will 'e do wit'out our rum! We'll probably fall down and cry! Later through the round, I eventually found one of the ladies from my department. Might I say though, if you've never roleplayed a drunken scottish man hitting on a redheaded chick in space, you need to try it. So, since I play a scottish character my drunken slurs weren't your basic "Heeey Bibi, How're yu doyn??" Mine were more of a "Huw'a ya'h doa'n th'ar las'sY! Coulde'n I offair' ya' A drink'en or Twu!" Now. You'd think she would've got mad. Well... She did. I got security called on me, and I was taken to a drunk tank! Now, while sitting in here I was not silenced as I turned on a station radio and sang my drunken tunes into it, the OOC was going nuts I was laughing my A** off and so was everyone else, In game however the guards were not happy and decided enough was enough, and so for the rest of the round I was sentenced to being unconscious on a rolling bed in the "drunk tank." and that children is the story of how I managed to win the RNG lottery, then play around as a walking talking example of a modern scottsman!

    Remember to share yours, have a good day ya'll! :D

    (Had to shorten this due to the word limit! :3)
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