Senate statement - 11th of January Bandit Battle

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    The Senate’s official statement on the Elpidan bandit attack 11th of January 2406S.

    First of all, we would like to publicly state our concern over the repeated bandit attacks which have happened over the past two weeks. We understand that dozens of good people are being killed everyday due to their brutish attacks. We hope that the Elpidan government officials will work hard to ensure that Elpida is protected, guarded, and safe for its citizens.

    On that note, we would like to commemorate Arch Giovanni Joestar, who is currently acting as Executive Magistrate, for his role in leading the attack on the bandits. We are particularly impressed to have found out that an infamous Bandit Lord was killed, as he has a long and infamous history of attacking Elpida. As a recognition of this bravery, we have decided to award Arch Giovanni Joestar the Saviour's medal, which he will be receiving shortly from one of our officers. However, we have a grave concern that 12 people (including the Executive Magistrate) were severely injured, nearly killed in the attack, as well as the fact that 7 scouts were brutally murdered, and we hope that the future Executive Magistrate continues to reduce these upsetting statistics until there are no casualties. Perhaps this could be achieved by distributing better swords and armour, although we understand that funds are limited.

    In these uncertain times the Senate asks Elpida to look towards the Gods for protection. We suggest building a shrine or temple to Legaros, or holding a festival in his name, in exchange for his holy protection - as we agree that the highest form of power and protection is that of our Godly father’s. Elpida has been lucky so far, but we must remain humble, and not take Legaros’ gift for granted. We have also been notified that there are many varying opinions on how to resolve the bandit issue, resolutions given by varying groups and peoples. Going forward the Senate takes no public stance but we simply ask that the bandit issue be dealt with as soon as possible by the best means necessary to avoid more deaths.

    May the Gods watch over us
    - The Senate
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