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    Canus Minicius

    Canus Minicius was described as too tall and too thin, almost like a spider, by his former colleagues and friends. They said he was appropriately polite but never really friendly, a stiffly formal and calculating man who always seemed to get his way. He began his life on the mainland, but the information about his early years is limited. He worked on a small farm for some time with his poor parents, but at the age of 17 he left to pursue riches in trading, promising that he would make something bigger of himself one day. When he reached the age of 23, he had made enough money, although nowhere near as much as he’d hoped, to buy passage to Elpida to seek riches there. Upon arriving, he spent a couple of more years as a merchant, but his money only dwindled. Growing desperate, he turned to a group of settlers who seemed interested in exploring, helping them found what would become the Explorer’s Guild as a last-ditch effort to earn some coin or gold. And he was successful; on his many travels with the group he had began to accrue a small fortune, acquiring gold from the caves and the mines. But his greed continued to outgrow him, and he began stealing from the Guild’s treasury.

    One day a letter arrived on his doorstep, a letter from the Salvian family. It stated that they knew he was stealing from the Guild, and that they would tell the guards if he didn’t meet with them at a certain location and time (this has now been blacked out). Fearing for his livelihood, he met with them, and they offered him a deal. Minicius had created quite a name for making money, and so they would keep his crime a secret if, in exchange, he worked for them. Minicius accepted, although he had little choice, and soon became a Salvian banker, helping them invest and accrue wealth. It was a job well suited to his talents. The Salvians wanted him to stay in the Guild however, as it was useful having someone undercover there, and so he continued to work there during the day, and for the Salvians at night. Minicius didn’t complain however, as this meant he began to become one of the richest on the island.

    There were rumours of a treasure trove of wealth on the island, rumours which caught Minicius’ attention immediately. He organised a group to go out and find it, but to no avail. He searched desperately alone most days, returning to the evenings to do his Salvian work dejected and desolate. In 2386S he was out on one such venture when he was jumped by bandits. They began to attack him, trying to kill him and steal his money but he claimed to be a massively important figure in the Salvian family. The bandits paused, knowing the powerful name, and decided to drag him to their bandit lord. Minicius proved himself to be an advisor to the Salvian Family by some means, and so the bandit lord decided to ransom him to the family. The bandits historically didn’t like the Salvians, they were privileged and rich, born that way, never having to work for their gold. They hated how the bandits were seen as immoral and evil but the Salvians got away with so much purely because they were rich. The Salvians hated the bandits because they were scummy, lower class criminals, the dirt of the streets.

    There was a meeting set up between Augustin Salvian and the Bandit lord to discuss the price of Minicius. However Minicius soon realised that the bandit lord wanted far too much, perhaps he had oversold himself a little, and Augustin didn’t want to give the bandits any money. Fearing for his life, Minicius desperately tried to persuade them that they should make a mutually beneficial alliance. The Salvian family would supply the bandits with money, the bandits would attack Elpida, causing Elpida to borrow more money from the Salvians, and create a cycle of wealth. As Minicius has a lower class background but an upper class job and etiquette he appealed to both leaders. They left the meeting having made this alliance, and Minicius was allowed to leave for free with the Salvians.

    Over the years, the deal became incredibly lucrative for both the bandits and the Salvian Family, and Minicius’ acted as a middleman for the Salvians and the bandits, continuing to secure the alliance and address all concerns. In exchange for his service, the Salvians destroyed all evidence of Minicius’ stealing from the Guild, and gave him a choice to leave or stay and become one of the Salvian advisors. Minicius stayed, delighted that he had finally made a name and fortune for himself, quitting the Explorer’s Guild and focusing solely on growing his wealth. After many years, the Salvian conflict with the Senate happened and Augustin was executed on the mainland for his crimes. Julius took over his father’s business, and looks up to Minicius massively due to his age and wisdom. For a while, the Salvians seemed to be lying low after their father’s execution, but perhaps they’re back to their shenanigans.
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