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    As per the Executive Magistrate's request, I have done some deep research into Legaros' and Aestheria's children, as he hopes to get into contact with them to help protect the city. I focused my research purely into Godlings as Legaros' Demigod son Derward never visits earth. As a general rule, Godlings who have traits more closely resembling their mother Aestheria tend to visit the earth more often as Legaros-focused godlings usually have a set task which they follow-out, which is usually to do with the aether rather than the earth. Aestheria is more free-spirited than her holy husband. I would note as well that any reference to gender, like with their parents, is merely for clarity's-sake, based purely off of their most common form. Godlings, like the Gods, have no innate or actual gender. Nearly all of the godlings look similar to their parents, with Legaros' white hair and strong body, Aestheria's beauty and grace.

    This is the Godling of messages and the leader of Angels. He often takes the form of a pure orb of light which takes the form of a winged man, and has only ever come to the Earth to bring the idea of religion to humanity, and to create the Holy Codex. He has never returned since and it seems unlikely that he will return again, unless the world forgets about religion once more. Most of all, he values communication, the written word, and the message of religion, and so he despises religious uneducation, illiteracy, ignorance, and atheism. Sekarus is described as self-righteous and arrogant, and somewhat intolerant towards humans.

    This is the godling of order and judgement, and they help in the judgement of humans, and the process of them into the afterlife. Due to their role, they have never come to earth, and therefore we have no idea what they might look like. It is very doubtful that Xaton will ever come to earth, as they are busy in the aether with their father. Most of all, Xaton values order and fair judgement, and likewise most of all they despise injustice, corruption, and unfairness. In the few descriptions we have of Xaton, they are described as almost-emotionless, simply entirely dedicated to the job of judgement. They have no care for the trivial affairs of humans.

    This is the godling of chivalry and honour. She appeared in the days of the past to watch over knights and the guardians of the realm, smiting those who broke their vows with an iron fist. She was described as a very tall and strong woman, with the short white hair of Legaros and the beautiful porcelain face of Aestheria. She would ride atop a pure white unicorn in the ivory armour of the Gods, and fulfill her father’s wishes. After the knighting process fell out of common usage, and nobility began to crumble, she retired to the aether. She values honour, loyalty and justice most of all, and has no tolerance for corruption, disloyalty and selfishness. She is the embodiment of what a Knight or Military leader should be.

    Phelo is the godling of home and hearth, and he would occasionally appear to aid the construction, maintenance and restoration of homes, as well as the construction of very great and famous buildings. With all of his mother’s beauty, he took the form of a tall and handsome man, with long white locks and smooth tan skin. He has an affinity for the glamorous and the kind, and despises poverty and homelessness. He is very balanced between his parents, and as a result his personality is described as somewhat self-righteous and arrogant, but overall quite caring and generous towards the poor.

    Umira is the godling of weddings and marriage, she ensures that weddings said under Legaros’ word are blessed and kept strong, and she smites the unfaithful and the abusers. She takes the form of a beautiful bride, with white hair down to her ankles, a diamond-encrusted white dress, and a glowing veil. She is married to Isa, godling of fertility, family, and offspring, and together they work together to keep a blessed home. Occasionally, at the very high-profile weddings of emperors and monarchs, they have been spotted, with Isa more commonly been noticed at births. Above all, she values faithfulness, commitment, and love. She naturally despises unfaithfulness, disloyalty, and adultery.

    This is godling of safety and protection, and she is often called upon for defending a town or for protecting soldiers who are going to war. She takes the form of an older woman, about 40 or 50, with long silver hair which she wears tied back. She is married to Asjun, godling of health and healing, and together they work together to stop unnecessary casualty and injury. She often bickers with her other siblings, as she dislikes war and bloodshed, whereas the others sometimes see it as necessary. Often, she is described as fiercely compassionate and deeply loving. She values people who are dedicated to protecting the weak, elderly, and disabeled, and despises those who prey on them.

    Etar is the spitting image of her mother, and she is the godling of poetry and song. She takes the form of a very young woman, arguably the most beautiful of all of her siblings with bright wavy white hair which curls perfectly around her waist and hips. She carries a silver flute, and a silver lute with her at all times, and she would often spend her times singing to the birds and the sky. She finds humanity rather interesting, and could perhaps be described as the most animated and ‘free’ out of all of her siblings. She is said to appear to some high priestess of Aestheria, poets, and musicians, but she is rather easily offended. She loves creativity, talent, and art, and despises those who dismiss art (such as the more radical scientists of the old era) as well as those who are bad at it. She is judgemental, as is her, and all of her siblings, nature as children of Legaros, but is ultimately very loving and very interesting. When humanity was closer to the Gods, she used to perform for the Kings and Queens of old.

    Asjun is the godling of health and healing, and wife of Remira. She, like her wife, takes the form of an older woman, but Asjun looks far older, appearing as almost ancient, 80 or 90, but somehow still just as beautiful and graceful as Aestheria, her mother. She is very wise, and very loving, appearing in humanity’s times of need to help heal those who could receive it. A common misconception is that she despises Phaedron, for he brings death, and while she dislikes him for than her siblings, she understands the place for death and peace in the world. She understands that humans cannot live forever, and must be able to move on to the afterlife, and so she does not resurrect the dead, or heal fatally wounded people, which some see as cruel. She is far softer than her wife, but respects Remira’s fierce love for humanity. Above all she values people with compassion, and selflessness, particularly doctors. She is rumoured to appear to doctors who need advice on how to save someone who does not need to die, and other similar circumstances.
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