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    Thanks again to everyone for sending in reports. We are releasing another small update that contains a handful of fixes.

    Our #1 priority over the next few days, will be revisiting the balancing of food. We hear you on this one and if you have any thoughts on this area, please give us your feedback either here on the forums or on our discord! Without further ado, here are the release notes for 1.0.2:

    New Features:
    • Domestic Cows now produce milk - bring an empty bucket and ask it for milk.
    • Introduced NPC leashing - they will return to their original spawn if they are dragged too far away.
    • Citizenship status is shown when hovering over name in chat
    Balancing Changes:
    • Added a new mineshaft into the Mining Village mines.
    • Added 6 rich ore veins into the mountains above the Mining Village - great rewards await those who make the climb.
    Gameplay Fixes:
    • Coins deposited into the bank now persist through logging out.
    • The Metal Mixer should not duplicate ore anymore.
    • PvP is now disabled.
    • Plots should now be available for purchase.
    • Food no longer drops on death.
    • Fixed gold dust recipe.
    • Fix breaking sugar cane
    • Fix for the apple orchard
    • Removed /me and /w commands
    • Fixed portal recipes for MetalMixer & MetalFormer

    ~ The Minecraft Frontiers Development Team
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