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    Hello Everyone!

    First off we would like to thank everyone for an awesome, yet chaotic, launch day! As thank you for being patient with us during this period, we have sent a launch compensation package to all of your mailboxes. Mailboxes can be found at the blacksmith in Elpida or the mining village. It will be a Lapis block that you need to click.

    Below are the release notes for 1.0.1:

    New Features:
    • Added launch participation rewards
    • Portal displays crafting ingredients now
    • NPC Shops - The herbalist now buys and sells healing potions (more shops coming soon)
    • Added Mailboxes
    • Added political nomination posts and polling stations.
    • Add apples to the apple orchard
    Balancing Changes:
    • Softened the death penalty - Food regens to 75% & Penalties only last for 5 minutes now.
    • Ore respawns every 10 minutes (instead of 30 minutes).
    • Introduced more log piles to the map
    • Plots reset and all cost 3000
    Gameplay Fixes:
    • Crafting trainers should now properly train you and award skills.
    • Fixed Recipes containing buckets
    • Starting NPC now gives you additional hints - and a book!
    • The High Court track now correctly stops the Elpida Theme from playing over it.
    • The LogSplitter now does not just bug out because it feels like it.
    • The queue is now correctly calculated (Maybe?)
    • Fix places on map that players can get stuck
    • A bunch of internal bug fixes
    Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here. As always, please let us know if you find a bug.

    - The Minecraft Frontiers Development Team
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    Thank god for these fixes

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