Quarry Update - v1.0.4

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    Today's release is an update that we have been slowly releasing over the past few days. So some of these changes have been live for a couple of days. The bigger change today is allowing plots in the quarry to be purchased as well as adding recipes to quarry deeds. Quarry plots will produce items over time (every 24 hours atm) that automatically get delivered to your mailbox.

    New Features:
    • Disable Blank Join/Quit Messages
    • MetalMixer & MetalFormer have been added to blacksmith building
    • New MetalMixer & MetalFormer in lower area of mining town
    • 7x7 Quarry Plots are available for purchase (33 new plots in total)
    • Sandstone Quarry and Clay Pit are now constructable within a 7x7 quarry plot - these buildings passively award resources on a daily basis.
    • Crafting trainers now notify you of your current tier.
    • Add command /portal
    Balancing Changes:
    • Processed food items provide significantly more nutrition
    • Armour has now double the durability.
    • Exports now update every 4 in-game days (~8 hours)
    Gameplay Fixes:
    • Fix client side render bug with water buckets
    • Removed /tell
    • Fix plot upkeep bug
    • Fix Zweihander item info
    • Fix shield item info
    • Add crafting tier checks back
    • Fix portal leaking crafting shapes
    • Fix fine axe recipe
    • Fix log splitter on all axe recipes
    • Fix milk buckets in recipes creating vanilla buckets in crafting recipes
    • Decreased durability on splitting axes but increased durability on fine splitting axes.
    • Removed 3 wolves from edge of Elpida due to exploit
    • Fix server crash due to bug in log splitter
    • Fix chests in plots showing all same inventory
    Portal Changes:
    • Add search box
    • Add condition crafting requirements
    • UI improvements
    Known Problems
    • Adding Ores into Metal Mixers
      • Temporary work around is to only add the ores to empty slots in the metal mixer
    • Shields are missing durability
    ~ Minecraft Frontiers Development Team
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