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    My attempt at some suggestions:

    1) Metal mixers: The metal stores need to be person specific. Right now everyone just dumps all the ores in there meaning there is constanly 700+ ores in there making a possible miner profession completly obsolete.
    2) Leave the naming npc (Charon) available even after you leave the ship. If you want to rename you character, just walk up to him and do the process again instead of bothering staff for it.
    3) Food needs to be balanced more. It is too hard atm. Food does not give enough nutrients and/or nutrients go down to fast. I get you want to make food important and i think it should be, but it's too important right now.
    4) I don't know if its intended but a plain wooden shield doesnt seem to block damage for me. It could also be that i suck at using it
    5) You probably know this already, but the crafting profession/tier system does not work.
    6) There should be some small amount of passive healing that happens overtime, but not fast enough to be used in combat.
    Maybe you could also craft some bandages (not too hard recipe) that heal you and take a long time to apply because now, as far as i know, there is no practical way to heal from a fight other than killing yourself
    7) The portal website isnt accessible when not on the server, but that means that you cant look up any off the recipes when not online.
    8) It is not possible to use ctrl+F in the portal website, meaning that you cant search for specific words. This combined with most names not being that obvious and hundreds of items in that list makes it very hard to find the recipe for an item you want to craft. You have to know the name of your item before you can find it and I think this is very hard for non-prototype players.
    9) Make respawn times (ores, mobs, ...) dependant of amount of people on server, more people = faster respawn.

    I just want to add that you guys have done an amazing job and I cannot express in words my joy at being able to play on this server again.
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    I agree that this is a problem. I will add this to be something discussed for v1.1 to see how we can best handle this.

    What we want to avoid is people constantly changing their name to hide who they are. I agree it is a pain for staff having to change it, but for right now it is kind of gatekeeping name changes. I will throw this into our backlog to revisit, but no promises we will see any action on this in the near future.

    We are still in the process of balancing, yesterday we released a "silent" update to food. The notes for those changes will go up with v1.0.4. Raw food items didn't get much of a boost (if any), but added more to processed food items. We will play this one out to see how it goes.

    They block a very little amount of a specific type. Timing is also important. It might take some time to get used to it. But let me know if you continue to have problems.

    Yes, we nuked those on the recipes since we thought there was a problem. I am going to be adding them back into v1.0.4

    Hmm, that is a good point. I have made a note of this and will look into this for a future update.

    I don't see anytime in the near future of this changing. Unfortunately, this is due to a couple of implementation decisions and security-related details we made early on for portal. It also has to do with some of our long term plans for Portal.

    Yes, this is already in our pipeline. It will probably one of the first things I do once we get out of the bug fixing phase of v1.0.

    That is an interesting idea. Consider it on our list of discussion points in our next planning phase.

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