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    Hello explorers,
    What’s lore? Where’s the lore? And what can we see from incoming, new lore? Is lore actually important? Well I’ll tell you!

    What’s lore?
    Lore is what details our developing world and lays the foundation for when we release. Without it, there would be no story to tell, no history to recall, and definitely no fun.

    Where’s the lore?

    The lore itself is found on the Wiki under its own section, and I highly recommend taking a visit there every so often. With that being said, the Wiki will be updated constantly, so there is always something new to see!

    What can we see from incoming, new lore?
    Regarding any new lore on the way, we currently have been working on lorebooks that will be scattered throughout the map for you to discover! @Waytago and I (@cman64) will have numerous stories to help entertain and immerse you all for the inevitable release.​
    I hope this helped answer some of your questions about the Minecraft Frontiers lore, and if you happen to have any more questions just ask below.

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    Amazing post, @cman64. These lore books sound like a lot of fun, I cannot wait to see those in-game. I also am very excited to read all of the stories on Elpida.

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