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Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by Saphiria, Dec 31, 2015.

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    I am suggesting to you the idea of faster travel. There are many possibilities for travel, but if you wanted to stay with vanilla things, then you have three options:
    • Make use of the stables that I build for you, and allow us to buy horses. These wouldn't be cheap, and would be reserved for the wealthy and famous.
      • Or you could make horses available to everyone, but they are cheaper depending on their speed. You could have five different horse types, and each would be a different speed.
      • i.e. all plain white horses are the fastest and all plain black horses are the slowest, and so the cheapest.
      • 2015-12-31_00.18.41.png
    • The second thing you can do is make use of the other stables and have pigs. This would be the cheapest method of travel, and would require a carrot on a stick. It also wouldn't be too quick.
      • 2015-12-31_00.19.25.png
    • The third form of travel would be boats. You can buy a boat at every dock on the island (there are about 4-5), and they would be either fairly cheap (if you make them one-time-uses) or they could be a little pricy, but never break.
    I understand you have other things on your plate, so I will post this, and then when you are thinking of new things you can add to the server (possibly once the server is live and you start doing major updates), you can come back here and look at me (and the communities) ideas.

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    You will see faster travel in the future. Currently we have no details on this.
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    Wait that's a stable? I thought it was a communal bathroom
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    lol, it could be. I never saw that until the beta started. It's by the stables so I just assumed it was for pigs or somthing.
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    That really is a communal bathroom. :D

    Travel is definitely something you will see in the long run. At the moment, we on purpose did not focus on it. We want players to spend time travelling between Mining Village and Elpida, allowing players to profit from trading. This does not make sense yet, but will make sense very soon as we add more NPC shops.

    For example, you can get diamond ore in Mining Village. If you are in Elpida and need diamond ore for a recipe, you can either buy it from a trader NPC, or make the trip to Mining Village to get it. At the same time, someone running a mining business can easily mine some diamond ore, then travel to Elpida and sell it to NPCs there, making profit from the fact that some crafters don't want to make the trip.

    We also need to make sure that:

    1. Players aren't forced to make too many long trips repetitively. Once a hospital is built in Mining Village, you won't need to run back anymore.
    2. The trip itself is a little interesting. This will hopefully be the case once we add NPCs you can meet on the way, bandits you need to fight off, etc.

    But yes, travel options are planned in the future. We don't have any specific plans yet. :)

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