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    Full Name: Dies Lust
    Nickname(s): The One , Sole Warrior
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Date of birth: [Date the character was born, current year is 2383S]
    Place of birth: Central Patraeia
    Current residence: Suburbs of Elpida
    Job: Hired Blade and Explorer
    Interests and hobbies: Venturing the wild and Sea Travel
    Religious Belief: Ignarus.
    Signature Item : House of Lust's family sword 'Lord Bane'.

    Dies was the son of Lust family which was renowned as the loyal soldiers of the Empire until the execution of the Emperor Claudius. Failed to protect their liege family was shunned by nobles and royals. Dishonour seperated and broke out a fight among the family which left young Dies orphan at the age of 12. He lived among the streets of Patraeia. He worked with a local blacksmith until he was 18 then he joined the Army to follow his fathers and ancestors legacy.

    During his 3 year service he have been a remarkable soldier , taking on several enemies all alone, challenging those who are higher ranking to show supremacy thus earning the nicknames 'The One and the Sole Warrior' This attitude of his were disliked by the Higher ranked officers , he was kicked out of the army due to this.

    After a year of sitting aimlessly Dies heard that Virgin soil of the new found Insulera might be his chance to find worthy allies and the solution to his wanderlust. He decided to go to Elpida.

    He grabbed his family sword and grabbed all of the wealth he had and travelled to Elpida.
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    Nice Bio! We aren't at the point of going through bios for the server yet, but we will let you know when we are. Feel free to join the discord server if you haven't already if you just want to hang around and chat.
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    Hello and welcome to Minecraft Frontiers!

    Congrats on getting your bio approved.
    If you would like to join our Discord and see our progress towards the release date (21st of December), feel free to join.

    Hope to see you there!

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