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    Good Morning MF Community. My name is Aaron, aka Isaiha, and I am the creative design lead for Minecraft Frontiers (otherwise known as the illustrious Lead Builder). This summer, nay this year, has been for me and my team amongst the busiest of our lives. If you’ve read our recent announcement and news posting by Tomas, I would reiterate here the same thing that was there in that work, school, and personal time has been hit and miss for us but over time we dealt with things in our lives that are both important and necessary. Always make your personal life goals and needs first before anything else and when you have time, enjoy some Minecraft.

    Creative Development

    Now enough about me...Why am I here with you today? As the creative design lead, it is my job to bring to life the world in which Minecraft Frontiers lives, through building and designing the landscape, the buildings, dungeons, and the very rocks and trees you see in the world of MF. I am here today to give you a sneak peek feature into how we have transformed and developed some new areas since our prototype launch phase a few years ago into some pretty realistic and amazing creations to show not only what is possible to do with our creativity and design, but to really emphasize creating an engaging user experience when it comes to entering the world and seeing what’s around you. Of course, we are limited by the bounds of what is available to us in Minecraft. But with every new content release update for Minecraft, it brings with it usually a new set of items or blocks that allows us to be even more detailed and creative with our designs.

    With all that said, let’s show you some of the things we’ve been working on!

    Recently Implemented Locales

    • Elpida Expanded - When I returned to MF as the design leader, Elpida was a tiny town. All that it had to itself was a few rows of buildings, some squares/courtyards, and a couple gates and towers, as well as a single dock for a small ship that was poorly designed. In fact, if you’ve seen (or have not seen) the prototype trailer that was released a few years ago, it actually shows how much addition we added AT THAT TIME to the city of Elpida.

      Now? There’s even more! A non-exhaustive list of new and added buildings and structures is below:
    • Fully Expanded Docks - with tiles, ship docks, sailors, and bigger ships - Originally, the docks was nothing more than a single building and a single dock with a tiny ship next to it located on the beach. Now, you will see out in the water fishing boats, small trading vessels, giant trading vessels like the one you will arrive on as a new player, and even naval combat ships.

    • New Beach Houses and Wall with Gate - added an additional element to Elpida by showing that the common folk that live in Elpida are living more on the outer skirts of the city compared to the richer citizens of Elpida living in the center.You’ll notice a better road, more greenery, and a the added city wall protection.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    • The Ruins - Welcome to the Ruins of the Island! There is a history behind these old, aged structures. You will find many ruins on the entire island, but what is most interesting about these is that they are not only located next to elpida, but also being restored by the Explorers Guild! These ruins will likely have quests and other hidden and ancient things to uncover. You never know what you will find in the ruins next to Elpida. There is also a fully intact, weathered fortress on the hill next to these ruins. Alongside this is a under construction religious temple that is undergoing restoration, hence all the construction scaffolding. This newly added locale will bring lots of interesting new features to MF![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    • Ocean Deepened - The entire ocean/sea surrounding the island used to be flat and simple. Now, it is a sprawling and rolling, deep ocean/seafloor that will be updated continuously as time goes on with coral, seaweed, rock formations, and other hidden elements in the ocean’s deep![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    • And Much, Much More!

    Under Development

    While these are but a few of the things we’ve worked on, what is being finalized and polished are a few new locales that have yet to be unveiled. Well, guess what, here’s a sneak peek. Try and guess what these locales are!


    Looking forward to Minecraft Frontiers More? Be sure to use our forums and join our discord! Want to become a builder? Find me in our discord server and let's chat.

    See you guys in MF!
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    Looks insane, good job to everyone who worked on this!

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