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    Full name: Thordar Rohidrim

    Nicknames: Thordar

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32

    Date of Birth: March 10th, 2373 S

    Place of Birth: Mainland

    Job: Blacksmith

    Interests: Exploration, crafting.

    Religious belief: Marventa, Goddess of the Sea and exploration

    Significant items: compass, “wayfinder”

    Life on the mainland:

    Thordar was born to a common blacksmith and a seamstress on Patraeia. They worked hard to make sure life seemed perfect for their little boy, who was learning to grow up quickly in a world that isn't always fair. The life of the Rohidrim family was a busy one, always moving around town to sell either daddy's swords or mommy's clothes she put together. At a young age, Thordar realized his life wasn't gold bars and diamond blocks, when he would see his father get into arguments with buyers because “basic gear should be a basic price”. His father and thordar would always be on arguing matters with each other, because the son wanted to be an explorer, not a blacksmith like his father, and his father before him. This would cause thordar to wander the town and get to know the people their.

    One day while he was exploring the town, he came across a compass that was on sale for very cheap at the time. He took it and painted a red line on the side, indicating it as his favorite item, the “wayfinder” as he called it. His father saw him with the compass and scolded him, saying how the blacksmith always knew how to get home, so the father took the compass and threw it into the fireplace, where it was destroyed by the flame. After that Thordar was forced to work in the blacksmith station, making ‘mediocre’ gear according to his father, living horribly until he became an adult. His father would later die due to a robbery on his store, which cost him his life defending his family. Thordars mother and himself decided that he needed to leave, for nothing could be good for him on the mainland.

    Travel to Elpida:

    When Thordar was 32, mere weeks after his father's passing, he returned to his mother's home because she wanted to speak with him. In the conversation, it was decided that thordar had to leave and go to a new place, the commonly spoken about ‘Elpida’. His mother used her late husbands money to pay for passage to the new land, which took up most of what she had, never underestimate the sacrifice a mother would go through for her child… later that day, thordar went to gather his belongings and make to the boat to Elpida. On the boat their, he praised the Goddess Marventa, because he was going to explore the new world, and start his new journey...
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    Welcome to the server Thordar!
    Really nice bio! I need to see 1 thing changed though before i can accept this. It's quiet stupid really but you need to add an S after the birthyear (2373S)
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