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Play Survival

Everything you love about Minecraft. Build a home, fight monsters and mine rare gems.

Earn Influence

Capture keeps, trade in your goods and slay beasts to earn influence points.

Get Rewarded

Exchange your influence points for shiny rewards. From in-game goodies to real world gifts.

About The Game

PortalQuests lets you earn real world gifts for playing Minecraft! We blend a familiar survival experience with a highly customised war for glory. Each world is filled with Keeps - points of interest that earn influence for their owner. Players must embark on epic journey to find these locations, fight off their guardians and defend the areas from other players. Then trade in your hard earned infleunce for in-game goodies and real world gift boxes. Are you new, or have you fallen behind? Don't worry, each month a new portal opens, meaning everyone starts fresh.


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Victory awaits the dedicated...
Men Tshirt

Men Tshirt

$67.00 1 $67.00
Men Hoodie

Men Hoodie

$125.00 $145.00 2 $250.00
Total $317