The Story of Phoebe and Alexander

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In the time called “The Era of Peace”, when Ignarus had been cast to the nether and all the gods were content, the first man and woman were created. The Gods were happy, but felt sad that such a beautiful world was so empty. The skies were vacant and the lands were untrodden, and all was silent. Aestheria came up with the idea of humans (which is why she is often thought of as a Mother). She told the other God’s of her vision, and they all agreed that the world should be full of these people created in their image. Aestheria created the first woman - a lady with all her beauty and grace, and named her Phoebe. Phoebe grew hungry, so Metus filled the lands with crop and grain so she could eat, as well as animals that she could hunt. Phoebe grew thirsty, so Marventa added pools and lakes that she could drink from, and filled the skies and seas with beautiful creatures so she wouldn’t be bored. Phoebe grew tired, so Phaedron created a night so that she may rest her eyes. All was good and pure.

However, Ignarus heard of this beautiful creation, and he was enraged that he had no part in it. He couldn’t reach the world in a physical form, as he was trapped in the nether, but he could reach out in a mental form. He did try to corrupt Phoebe, but she was strong and ignored his pleas, so instead he had to corrupt the animals of the world. He put evil thoughts into their mind - greed and hunger, making the balance of the world tip. One night, while Phoebe was sleeping, a pack of starving wolves surrounded her. She woke, and screamed so loud that Legaros heard. Swiftly, he formed a man forged in his own image to protect her, naming him Alexander. He had all of Legaro’s strength and fairness, and he fought off the wolves.

Alexander and Phoebe fell in love, and within a year they were wed. They had 5 children, representing the 5 good Gods. These children birthed children, and their children more, and so from Alexander and Phoebe the men and women of the world were birthed. Over time, as their purity was diluted through bloodline after bloodline, humans began to lose faith, as so were more easily tempted by Ignarus. The 5 Gods sent messages through angels to different prophets, who then built churches and ministries, therefore solidifying the faith. As the Gods believe in free will, they let the humans choose between the lightness and the darkness, rather than destroying those corrupted by Ignarus. This is why the Gods, still till today, allow people to sin, and allow evils to happen, because they are letting you choose your own stories. It is common belief that at the end of your life, Legaros will judge you on the choices you made in your life, and will either cast you down to the nether to pay for your sins, or will ascend you to the aether to reward you for your goodness. However, people interpret this differently, and some people actually believe the nether is a place to reward warriors (those who die in battle) and the aether is a place for the common people. A plethora of different cults formed around this ideology.

As nothing is written, only passed on through word of mouth, many different denominations of the faith have appeared, and the stories changed massively. The stories here are the stories believed and accepted by the common faith.