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Goddess of Beauty

Aestheria is often seen as the most beauteous of the gods, and is said that it is too marvelous for a mortal’s eyes. This belief amongst her followers is often upheld within their temples, as they rarely even have statues to represent their goddess. Instead, they build large moon-gazing rooms for their followers to feel at ease. This form of worship is common for this goddess, as the followers choose to praise Aestheria in their accomplishments, rather than verbally. However, the temples are not left in silence, for music will constantly be played in various rooms, containing large assemblies of musicians and singers, all of whom perform various shows, plays and more for the public eye. While music and drama are only a few of the art forms practiced in these temples, scholars have also been known to teach said arts and education within the confines of the temples to better serve Aestheria in their work. With that being said, followers of Aestheria are very educated, and tend to express their emotions rather than suppress them. A common misconception of these followers is that they are all beautiful, and only beautiful. This is wrong, for the goddess accepts all who are beautiful within and beautiful in appearance, so her followers’ confidence is higher than that of the other gods. Aestheria’s temples are also a thing of beauty, having decadent art displays, moon rooms, and other architectural innovations. many have been inspired and in awe of the complexity these temples have, for none are similar in design, yet all are common in their extravagance. They are often rather large as well, a majority containing large domes and pillars to further decorate and uphold its structure.