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    Full Name: Zammithus Dog
    Nickname(s): The Dog or Zam
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Date of birth: 6/15/2353S
    Place of birth: Fertile Plains of Patraeia
    Current residence: None, He has just arrived in Elpida ready for his new life to begin
    Job: Traveler and Upcoming Merchant
    Interests and hobbies: Buying and selling different objects, as well as collecting many unique items
    Religious Belief: Believes in Metus


    Zammithus Dog, better known as "The Dog," was born in fertile plains of Patraeia. His family was a poor husband and wife with a lonely single child. His parents were farmers. They worked on the plains constantly planting and harvesting crops. When The Dog was young he didn't know much about farming, but his parents did their best to teach him. Zammithus didn't get much education, his mom and dad decided that he would continue the family trade and farm when he grew older. He slowly learned the ways of his parents but never enjoyed it. The Dog doesn't remember much about his youth but he does remember Zaroff. Zaroff was a greedy merchant who his parents sold crops too. Overtime Zaroff gave worse and worse prices for the crops. Zammithus never understood why his parents kept selling to him but hated the man and everything about him. Yet the family lived on with their poor lifestyle until his mother caught a sickness. After about one week of the sickness she passed away. It only took his dad two months after her death to pass away in depression.

    The Dog was 14 when his parents passed away. He could no longer farm because it only made him miss his parents. Zammithus took all of the crops the season after he died and traveled to a far away town in another part of Patraeia. He had left his families small house and all of their belongings, only bringing the bare essentials. When he finally reached the town he worked hard to sell all of his parents crops by himself. There was no more Zaroff to keep the prices down and The Dog noticed he had gained more money than his family had in the last two and a half years. But life was still not easy. He lived on the streets at night trying to find a roof that would keep him comfort. The Dog used what funds he had to continuously buy from the market what food he needed to survive.

    After about a month of surviving on the streets The Dog ran into an old traveling merchant named Technis. Technis saw the poor Zammithus sitting on the street at night and welcomed him in to a small room where Technis was staying. He began to travel with Technis. Technis taught The Dog about the trade of being a merchant, he taught Zam how to bargain and get the best deal. They traveled with a little merchant wagon from town to town, selling and buying goods. After about four years of this action they were making their way through life easily. Technis and The Dog became good partners and made good profit off of their goods. Everyone liked the two and were happy when they came to town. They were finally living a life The Dog was not used to, a wealthier life. But their were to be no happy ending for Zammithus.

    One day on a journey to a town Technis and Zam wondered through a dark forest in Patraeia. Suddenly, two bandits jumped out of the bused and attacked Technis' wagon. They almost all of the items from the wagon. As they were fleeing Technis chased them and dove to grab one of their ankles. Both Technis and one man fell down. All of the things the man held fell too. The other bandit pulled out a knife from his pocket and lacerated Technis' skin. The bandits quickly picked up all of the belongings and fled the scene. Zammithus screamed as he ran to see Technis. Technis lay on the ground with 3 large bloody cuts across his chest. The Dog did everything he could to stop Technis from dying but could not do much. Technis stayed calm and told Zammithus, "Do not be afraid, stay kind, and live life as if you would die tomorrow." he also handed The Dog a blue stone, to remember him by. With that he passed away. The Dog was left alone in the forest with the wagon. He had only about one tenth of what they had before but had to continue in the way of Technis.

    The Present

    Over years The Dog grew back his fortune. All though he was never rich he lived a wealthy lifestyle. A few people from almost every town that he visited in Patraeia knew him and were excited when The Dog was coming. He stayed kind and gave fair prices. One day, Zammithus heard of a new place called Elpida. It was an land that promised well being, as he had heard. When The Dog went to a dock to see how much the journey across the sea would be he found it would cost all that he currently had on his wagon. However, all The Dog could think about was Elpida. He was hoping to grow his business more in the new land and gain even more wealth. Zam knew it would be like restarting his life but didn't care. The Dog wanted a new adventure and a new journey. With that thought in his mind he gave sold all of his things including his wagon, but kept the blue stone from Technis.

    It was a rough boat ride across the sea to Elpida. One night was cold and The Dog was standing on the boat looking out at sea. Suddenly, a large wave crashed into the side of the boat and Zammithus fell on the floor. He quickly got up and went inside. As The Dog checked his pocket he didn't feel anything. Zam looked around everywhere on the boat but could not find the blue stone that Technis had given him. It was lost at sea. Now truly, The Dog had nothing. All that existed for The Dog was the hope of his new life in Elpida. And this is where our journey shall begin!

    Signature Items

    The Unbroken Journal - The Dog is said to have had a journal where he kept track of all of his journey's, sales, and notes that he took with Technis. This is what holds the secret to how The Dog negotiates and grows in his wealth. No one knows if The Dog still has this journal, or still uses it.

    The Blue Stone of Technis - This is the stone that Technis gave The Dog when he died. This also was lost in the journey to Elpida. It is unknown whether or not The Dog will ever recover the stone again.

    The Dog believes in Metus, the God of the Sun. Zammithus follows in the humble ways of the God and tries to stay kind and friendly. Metus is a major role model to The Dog because he has lost all of his family and his mentor Technis.
    The Dog also believes it is always right to stay friendly and help people. The Dog is a very friendly character who wants the best for everyone! Lastly, The Dog has always liked to collect some special items as they have their own special meaning to him.

    The Dog also hopes also to possibly settle down in his own shop one day. He is not quite sure what life will hold for his in Elpida!
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    Really enjoyed this biography! Well written and thought out. @Tomas should get to it in the next few days!
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    Brilliant biography. Whenever a new member is confused on how to put together a balanced biography, this should be an example. :D

    @tcvs will contact you about beta access soon.
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