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    Full Name: Nox Buteo, her birth name is Mneme Salutio
    Nickname(s): Lupa (Only her mother called her that.)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Date of birth: 15 March, 2385S
    Place of birth: Close to the Mainland capital
    Current residence: A small cottage near the outskirts of the colony.
    Job: Herbalist and Apprentice Potion Maker
    Interests and hobbies: Reading, archery, exploring, and gathering herbs.
    Religious Belief: She follows Marventa, as she believes she was the one who kept her alive.
    Signature Item (s): A jade green choker that her mother gave her.

    She wasn't born as Nox Buteo. She was Mneme Salutio, a girl who shouldn't bear the Salutio name. Her being came to be when a Senator of the House of Salutio took a liking to a common woman named Althea Cento. He saw her often even though he was married to a woman already. Her father would sneak out every night just so he could see her at the local tavern that she worked at. Their relationship grew, and Althea soon was with child. Althea later had a daughter with bright green eyes and a fairness to her that even the moon couldn't compare to. Her father named her Mneme, or memory, as that's what she would be to him after he realized his mistake. After people heard about Mneme's birth, a large scandal rose, compromising her father's reputation and bringing chaos among the upper echelon of society. This was a violation of all good virtue. She needed to be snuffed out for everything to be right. Althea heard about this plan for her daughter to be killed and created a plan. She needed to fake Mneme's death. She burred her throat full of scars with coarse rope, and the paleness of her skin could be likened to one without life. The tavern was raided one night, searching for Mneme and Althea, guards digging everywhere and breaking any obstacle to find the baby. Althea hid in a room until she was caught holding her, trembling and crying. "I have her.....she's right here....just give me the mercy of putting her to rest." She showed them a sleeping Mneme with the marks on her throat, and for just a moment, it looked like she was truly dead. The guards heard Althea's plea, and turned back, knowing that the scandalous icon was no more. In the darkness of night, Althea gathered up supplies from the tavern and fled to the wooded wilderness, a place where no one would find her or Mneme. She built them a little cottage in a clearing that would serve as Mneme's home for 20 years.

    She grew up in that forest, learning how to live off the land, hunting and gathering for what her mother would need that day. Her fiery nature led her to explore often, much to her mother's dismay. This gave her the nickname Lupa, or she-wolf, since she could be quite troublesome as a child. She learned through trial and error how to make a crude bow with some arrows and how to shoot them. She grew familiar with the wildlife and the landscape. Althea taught her all about where she came from in the Mainland, how to read and write, and taught her about good virtue under Marventa's eye. Mneme loved to be with her mother, never leaving her side unless she had to help her. No longer the fair maiden, Althea was toughened by the forest and it would bite back, as she fell ill on Mneme's 19th birthday. Her condition slowly started to wane, and when Mneme was 20, she beckoned her to her side.
    "My child, you know I'm not going to be here much longer, I'll join the gods soon. Child, listen, hold back your tears and listen. You must leave here. You need to escape to a fabled land of sanctuary. People are starting to sail away from home to go to this land. You must go there, child, and live out your life in peace."
    Mneme fought back her tears and protested not to go, but her mother would not be swayed. With her last breaths, she gave her a pouch of money from her nonexistent father and a jade green choker and told her, "Child, I will watch over you with love. You must become a new woman. You must hide your neck, for you are no longer Mneme. Go on." Althea passed on, and Mneme was met with unmatched sorrow, but she needed to heed her mother's words. She gathered supplies and her crude bow, and set fire to her childhood cottage, burning it all away and sending her mother to the gods.

    Mneme set out for the city, wearing a rustic green dress with leather bracers, dark pants, and brown boots. Her physique was marked by her bright green eyes, pale skin, a braid containing her fiery hair, and the jade green choker to cover her neck. She went out on a voyage to this land of sanctuary and started her life anew. She took up the trade and talents of herbalism and alchemy, as she was taken in by a local apothecary in the colony when she arrived. Mneme's persona was no more. She was a strong, smart, and independent young woman. She was now Nox Buteo, as the night was the only thing left to protect her from any of life's obstacles.
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    This is probably gonna need a lot of work. :joy::joy:
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    Fantastic bio I must say. It was very well written and super enjoyable to read. Consider yourself accepted!

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