The biography of Marcus Archer

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    Full Name: Marcus Archer
    Gender: Male
    Professional archer
    Age: 19
    All Required info in background paragraphs
    Minecraft user: Conqueror_Rilez
    Discord User: mildly warm beans#9460

    Background Information
    Marcus Archer had a very poor start to life he was born into poverty he was raised by his single mum who worked fulltime as a teacher for the children of other disadvantaged families. From a young age Marcus was forced to resort to minor crime just to help feed his family until he met an old man on the street at the age of 12 who took Marcus under his wing and helped him get his life back on track he put Marcus into a school of the rich and helped him wiyh his studies at the age of 15 Marcus was shown the art of archery he was given a bow and arrow and introduced Marcus to ingnarus the god of fire and war and was shown how to worship him for the next 5 year Marcus countiued to go to school and study practicing archery in every spare moment he became very skilled in the art of combat. One night the old man came in to Marcus's living qaurters with a gift it was a ticket to the new world Marcus was told that he is ready to start his new life and that he could not be taught anymore so he packed his stuff and ran to the docks where he boarded the ship while at sea he can to the realisation that once he got to the new world he would join the military and become the most feared soldier in the land doing anything for the better good of
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    A good start to your bio. I'm looking forward to reading the full thing :D

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