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    Username: technovore04
    Discord Username : skylar#1585
    Full Name: alto destin
    Nickname(s): alt, al, toey
    Gender: male
    Age: 15
    Date of birth: 10th december 2491S
    Place of birth: mainlander
    Job: mail runner ( cant remember exactly what they are called)
    Interests and hobbies: whittling. Forgery.
    Religious Belief: marventa
    Signature Item (s): whittling kit. Mail runner badge and knife.

    Story Paragraphs: alto heard that the new land had riches. And he also new it was his best chance to get an education and degree and start anew. When he was five alto knew he wanted a scholarship in accounting.
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    Unfortunately this bio needs a lot more work before it can be approved. Let us know when you've added to it!

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