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    Username: JanJiri
    Discord Username (only if you want to be verified in the Discord group): JanJiri#0110
    Full Name: Tamaki Amajiki
    Nickname(s): Tama-chan, Suneater
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Date of birth: March 4th, 2389S
    Place of birth: Mainland
    Job: Student
    Interests and hobbies: Likes exploring the wilderness and watching butterflies.
    Religious Belief: Follows the way of Aestheria
    Signature Item (s): A journal he documents his journeys and experiences in.

    Story Paragraphs: Tamaki was raised in a high-class family, being the sole son of two philosophers. Although raised in a high-class setting, he doesn't only do "classy" things, exploring the nearby forest and meadow. He enjoys going into the wilderness as he can be alone there. He enjoys watching butterflies rather than being a social butterfly. The forest near his town although, was still guarded and safe, so he isn't experienced with beasts of the wild.

    Being the son of philosophers he was pushed to focus on learning more than anything else. Due to this, he rose to the top of his class. Studying hard he got to attend top academies since the age of 6. Growing up as an only child, he did most things independently, thus lacking a social life. Due to that, he was able to dedicate most of his time to learning. As his family was adamant about knowledge, they followed the Goddess of Learning, Aestheria.

    As Tamaki's family heard of the expeditions to Elpida they paid for Tamaki to go and explore the new world. He finished formal education and went to the island of Insulera in efforts to be one of the most prosperous there. Little people from the Mainland could afford the transit, anyone who can have a headstart to prosperity. He aims to be the greatest mind of Insulera.
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    Hello there!

    A very nice start to your bio, however we do typically require a bit more detail in order to approve it. Please add a paragraph or two about your character's personality/backstory and let us know when you've updated it!
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    Thank you, I was constantly short on time so I submitted as much as I could do in the time, I will expand the Information once I am less time-constrained.
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