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    Full Name: [Gabriel Aurora]
    Nickname(s): [Gabe, Kahuna, Lucky Stars]
    Blood type: [A+]
    Gender: [Male]
    Age: [19]
    Weight: [83 kg]
    Heigh: [6'4"]
    Date of birth: [2:32 pm 16th December 2386S]
    Place of birth: [The Mainland]
    Current residence: [After leaving his family home he is currently paying for a bed in stables around Patraeia.]
    Job: [Entrepreneur/Adventurer]
    Interests and hobbies: [fighting, adventuring, gaining wealth and status,
    Religious Belief: [Athiest]
    Political Belief: [Centrist, Gabriel believes the only way forward in politics is a balanced approach to the way governments intervene in society however his love of wealth somewhat interferes with his rational judgments.]
    Signature Item (s): [Gabriel carries a lucky coin around with him that he found at fair, he believes that it brings good fortune however this has never been evidenced he carries it everywhere.]

    Gabriel was born at 2:32 pm in the cold harsh December in the year 2386S he was born weak and frail and if he were not born into a wealthy family he would have perished.
    During his childhood, he unexpectedly developed into a tall strong and healthy individual despite being born a runt. growing up would often assist his local stores with the movement of their stock and carts, he was also often involved in sports rather than focusing on studies and as a result, was kicked out of schooling when he reached 16.
    Soon after this, his father gave him a warning that if he was not in work or education by the time he turned 18 he would end up being kicked from the household, in order to attempt to avoid this Gabriel spent the next two years working odd jobs and developing skills and gaining some capital to be put into his bank account. During one night as a bartender, he met an unnamed adventurer who told Gabriel all about the outside world noting that a large amount is still yet to be discovered and that spending the rest of his life as a bartender would be a waste of a young man's life.

    Gabriel took this to heart and began raising money discovering that a boat to Elpida was setting sail in a few months, understanding that this was one of his few chances for an adventure. during the next two years, he attempted to consolidate the skills and knowledge he gained from doing small jobs around the mainland when the day the boat was going to leave went said goodbye to his family, declaring he will never visit the mainland again until he fulfills his desire as an adventurer and gains wealth to start a business that can support him for the rest of his life.
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    Hello and welcome!

    I had a read over your bio and like the previous ones, it needs a paragraph or two more in order to be accepted. Great amount of detail regarding your character though, for example their blood type and political belief. Let me know when you've updated it and good luck!

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