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    I am currently playing the snapshot right now. I'm writing as I discover new stuff.
    1. I threw some redstone circuits into a superflat world and they all seemed to work.
    2. The Purpur blocks and Endstone Bricks look interesting.
    3. Theres an awesome new mob called a Shulker that looks like a Purpur block. When you walk near it the block opens up, showing a wierd head that shoots projectiles at you that make you levitate!
    4. New potion arrows PLUS spectral arrows that make mobs more visible (gives them an outline)
    5. Added beetroot stuff from PE and Chorus fruit (?)
    7. Dual wielding! Press F to switch! This adds another spot in your amor area that you can place tools in.
    8. I can figure out how to switch arrows :( Always uses same type
    9. NEW /effects! minecraft:glowing (spectrum arrow effect) minecraft:levitation (shulker) /summon ShulkerBullet /summon Shulker
    10. iron bar cages around some end crystals. Dragon still heals from them.
    There's probably more I haven't found yet though.
  2. MisterErwin

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    The new path blocks ;)

    And you can detect the "F button-press via bukkit ;)
  3. tcvs

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    That is really nice that they made that a server-side feature meaning that we will be able to control it when spigot supports it.
  4. MisterErwin

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    Afaik an event should be thrown, as the player switches two (or one) items in his inventory ;)
  5. Saphiria

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    It will be great that we can control it like @tcvs said!

    Great summary, thanks!

    I like how the have given resource packs more freedom... I'm hoping @md_5 will make a Spigot beta.
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  6. jamestiger

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    I found these things in the 15w31c snapshot, not sure if they applied to 15w31a as well.

    I figured out how to switch between arrows, it will prioritize any arrows in the F slot over any arrows in the hotbar.
    Also I noticed the Skeletons looked sorta derpy, I realized they had a new animation where you can actually see them pull back there bow, this makes it easier to actually dodge or do timed blocks.
    Thought that dual wield would let you attack with both swords at once, which it doesn't. Which I think is reasonable to keep pvp intact. (People were thinking what I was thinking and were all like "Dual-Wielding? RIP Pvp)
    The end rod will be the "butt end" of a lot of derogatory jokes... if you've seen it you know what I mean.

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