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    Cornelius Servilius Caldus
    Username: Scroll120
    Discord Username : Scroll120#2424
    Full Name: Cornelius Servilius Caldus
    Nickname(s): Cornelius, Cal, One-Eyed
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Date of birth: 2382S. August 27.
    Place of birth: Mainland
    Job: Mercenary
    Interests and hobbies: Trying to forget his past and starting a new life in Elpida, he started to write poems and read in his free time and explore between contracts.
    Religious Belief: Follower of Ignarus and Legaros.
    Signature Item (s): A longsword with an obsidian pommel, ebony grip, and hardened steel blade, with engravings spelling:"Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death." and a a Legionis medalion with blood stains on it.

    Cornelius, Servilius, Caldus, some say he's a hero, some say he's a traitor. Born to Kaeso Servilius Gregorius and Caerellia Silia, civil war hero and philosopher. On the last summer of 2382S Gregorius and Silia, embraced in love, brought Caldus to life with his twin brother Lucius Servilius Libo. The two brothers were extremely ambitious and curious about everything they've seen and heard. But the most exciting events in their simple life, where the stories that their father told them about the civil war. This sparked a flame in them to follow the footsteps of their father into blazing glory and fame.

    As soon as they learned how to read and write, they started studying the arts of war. With the flames of ambition and dedication they ate trough books about strategy and warfare. Adulthood came, and they enrolled to the army as recruits. The good thing about this was, that they can only climb upwards, and thats what they did. The two twin with the same flame burning in them showed their talent and dedication to the legion and raced towards the top. With battle after battle won against the barbarians, their knowledge was recognized and theiir desire came true, as they became Legionis.

    Their dreams came true, as they lead legions into glory on the battlefields against the savage barbarians. The happiest days of their life were these glory days, as they marched side to side into the tales their father told them, but this time it was them not their father. But as we know life is life, and as life is life, it tends to turn things bad at the top. Everything started when Caldus lost the sight of his left eye, when several barbarians attacked him, and one of them delt a lucky slash. They badly injured Caldus was rescued by his brother on the battlefield, but the second misfortune happend, one that still haunts Caldus. As Libo started pulling Caldus out of the bloodshed, he got attacked by barbarians, and under stress to save his brothers life, he got reckless, and tried to fend of the enemies, but luck was not on his side. Caldus tried to help but, because of the blood in his eyes, he was unable to see wich one was the enemy and wich one was his brother, and he stabbed Libo. Only then he saw who he killed, only then he saw, the face of his beloved brother. After he realised what has he done, he was unable to move, the barbarians would've chopped him down, if not for his soldiers. The last words of Libo, is still burned into his memory: "Why... brother?".With the battle finished, he was still unable to speak or do anything, he was in shock. And thus came the third misfortune that sealed his life. As the man started to gather the casualties of the battle, they found Libo's body, with Caldus's sword in it. Everyone tought that Caldus murdered his own brother, but nobody had any idea why would he do such a thing. Word spreads fast and Caldus's life started to crumble down uppon him.

    Knowing what he has done, he figured that the only options he was left with, is either die because of treason or run. He choose to run, he decided to leave his life behind and run away to start a new life, or die alone in self-hatred. He grabbed his brother sword and Leginonis medalion, to always remind himself, what has he done, and left his home. Caldus searhing for a new life, with his last bits of money, he travelled to Elpida, in hopes to leave his past behind him, and forget the faliure that he is. He started to work as a mercenary using his martial skills and knowledge...

    Before leaving the Mainland, he was a joyful and ambitious person, with dreams and dedication. But after what happend he became gloomy and straight forward. Conversations with him were quick and short, he only spoke when he needed, only in his poems, can be his remnant self be seen.

    He has curly medium long brown hair, that is a bit messed up by the eyepatch's strap. His body is athletic, weighing around 81 kg's or 178 lbs. He's 189 cm or 6'2 feets tall. He has a dark blue eye(only one) and he has a really short stubble.​
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    Hello there! Awesome bio, I really like it! There is one thing i'm going to have to get you to change first though. That's the the Legionis stuff. Realistically they wouldn't become one till at least their 40's at least and even then that is kind of stretching it. A Centurion or Praefecti would be much more reasonable. You could say that if things had continued, they would have most definitely become Legionis. Or something to that effect. That's all I can see for now to be honest. A solid bio anyway so just fix that one thing and you should be good to get accepted!

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