Rokaun, the Smith

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    Full Name: Rokaun Norviskaull
    Nickname(s): Roku
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Date of birth: 2380S
    Place of birth: Gardia
    Job: Blacksmith
    Interests and hobbies: [Landscaping, Weapon-Crafting, Wilderness Exploration
    Religious Belief: Devout Follower of Marventa & past follower of Ignarus
    Signature Item (s): A sword named "Demon Fang", used during his days as a mercenary that was given to him by his master.

    Story Paragraphs: Rokaun's was raised by his father, for his mother disappeared shortly after birth. His father was a quiet and stoic man, but his fierceness when it came to the world that had wronged him saturated every word he spoke. His father was a noble swordsmen who had been betrayed by his lord and banished from his homeland (Saeita). His father raised him until the age of 17, showing him nothing but coldness and the teachings of anger until he then took Rokaun and sold him to a blacksmith for some gold and a sword and disappeared into the mountains, leaving Rokaun forever.

    Rokauns new master was a stubborn old blacksmith, who disapproved of the young boys mannerisms and attitude, so over the course of a few grueling months, he whipped the boy into shape, teaching him the ways of the blade, the forge, and an honorable warrior. And as the years continues he grew into a noble young man. His rage tempered into a strong spirit and on the dawn of his 23rd birthday, his master approached him with three gifts.

    The first, a blade forged by his master himself, a gorgeous piece of steel with the runes "Demon Fang" etched into the metal. The second, a necklace, with the sigil of Marventa carved into a stone disk. and the third, a small pouch with enough gold for a ticket to a promised land. Rokaun questioned why his master would do such a kind thing and his master spoke of his strength and his great talent as a blacksmith, but he could no longer provide him with the room needed to grow. He spoke of a land, far across the sea that promised of riches and people who would benefit from his skills. He spoke of Elpida, and without any further words, he took Rokaun to the docks of a local town and sent him away to start a new life.

    Rokaun gripped his blade at his hip, as the waves crashed against the hull of the boat. The storm screaming through the sails like a banshee, the crack of thunder and blinding lightning shown through the clouds. And finally, after so many nights at sea, he saw the shore of Elpida, and as the dark clouds parted, the sun of a new dawn crested over the moutains. He took a sharp breath of the fresh air. His journey was about to begin.

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