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    Below is a layout I put together to help you structure your bio. It is not required but just something to help you organise a biography. Edit everything in the [ ] and then write on your background.

    {Your username}'s Character Bio


    : [Your character's Minecraft username]
    Discord Username (only if you want to be verified in the Discord group): [Discord Name and #]
    Full Name: [Your character Name]
    Nickname(s): [Character Nicknames]
    Gender: [Character Gender]
    Age: [Character Age]
    Date of birth: [Date the character was born, current year is 2405S (S stands for years Since the founding of Patraeia)]
    Place of birth: [Location of where Character was born e.e Mainland]
    Job: [Characters current job]
    Interests and hobbies: [Characters Interests and Hobbies
    Religious Belief: [Religious beliefs of the character;]
    Signature Item (s): [Signature items that have a meaning to the character]

    Remove this text and explain and describe your characters background. I highly recommend using this to help you:
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