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    So, in as soon as three weeks we could be paying rent for our land. The economy and general system of Plots and Prefect isn't ready for this. I am currently the twice elected Prefect, so I have done a lot of testing with the system. Currently the Prefect system lacks the following:
    • Bulk-Commands -- If all the sudden I notice people getting 21x21 houses easily, or I need to fix prices for all X sized houses, then I need a bulk command rather than having to do it manually. If something major like upkeep comes out I will have to change prices big time, especially if upkeep is the same price as land. Make bulk commands work with the suggestion below this so I can make all 21x21 homes in Elpida more than the village ones.
    • Village vs Elpida: I know the village was never meant to be a full town, but things need to be in-place. All mining village homes need to be different from the Elpida homes so that many of the suggestions below work. So they need to be categorized differently than the Elpida one to the plugin.
    • Upkeep -- Upkeep cannot be the same price as land. It will ruin the whole server. You may thing I am over-exaggerating, but I am not. If you buy land (IRL) it is more expensive than the home you build on it. I want this server to be as realistic as possible, and if I make land 2500 for a 21x21 plot, then people shouldn't be paying 2500 in upkeep every two weeks. I also can't lower the price, because I want it to be significantly more expensive than the price to build a building.
    • My Suggestion (1): Make upkeep every two weeks (bi-weekly), and charge:
      • 10 Polus for the 7x7
      • 30 for 13x13
      • 50 for the 21x21
      • Maybe about 75 for the 55x55
    • My Suggestion (2): This was given to me by @Tomas, and is to make it a purchase multiplayer fee.
      • Let's say a plot is 100 a week.
      • You set up how much the initial price is.
      • So let's say it is 500%.
      • The person pays 500 at first, then 100 a week.
      • They then still have to pay the price for a building.
    • Eviction -- If you don't pay your upkeep, I think it should be treated as a case-by-case basis. Say @Leviathan has one of the two 55x55 plots, and he goes on vacation for a month. That means he will possibly have to pay his rent twice. Lets just pretend he doesn't have the money to do that. I (as the Prefect) can choose whether or not to evict him for that). I (in that case) would give him a warning and say if he did it again, he would be evicted.
    • Eviction (2) -- Lets pretend I lose an election to my political rival. They have to ability to evict me from my home, and probably will. I think there needs to be a system in place to keep that from happening. Its not fair if I get evicted for my home by the current Prefect just because he wants to give his best-friend a 21x21 plot. I worked hard for it, while the other guy didn't.
      • My Solution: In order to evict someone, require one of the other two politicians to approve it. (Terrible idea, I am still thinking).
    • Home Limit -- Make a non-changable (by prefect) home limit for each player. I personally think it isn't fair to have a bunch of players owning all the homes. Which is why I think you should do one of these two options:
      • One Of Each -- Allow each player to own one of each sized plot homes.
        • Ex: Allow one 21x21 plot in Elpida and in the mining village, allow one 13x13 plot in Elpida and mining village, allow one 7x7 plot in Elpida and (if applicable) in mining village.
      • Two -- Allow two homes per person. Its self-explanatory.
    • Chest Storage -- If I get evicted by abusive Prefect or because I failed to pay my rent, what happens to all my stuff in my chests? It gets removed (from what I can tell). Or, what if I upgrade from a 13x13 plot to a 21x21 plot? How do I transfer my stuff if there is a two home limit and I own a mining village home? I will have to sell one, then buy the new one.
      • My Solution: So, I think there needs to be a optional service you can pay for, like insurance. It would be 5 additional polus in your upkeep and would insure your items stored in your precious chests would be "restored" to you if you were evicted. (You wouldn't really be restored them, the server just would not delete them).
      • Extra: Also add a free way to move all your items from one home to another without insurance.
    Thanks so much for reading this! I spent a lot of time making this, so if you like the idea, like the post or reply below so the developers know how good a idea this is! Maybe it will convince them to add all of these things.

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    I am looking into the best way of implementing Bulk-Commands. You should see bulk-commands sometimes soon. This will allow you to set all the prices for type of plot.

    All the builds in the village are different. You should be seeing 13x13 buildings for the mining town in the next update. You may also be lucky to see a few town buildings to be added on the 15th.

    @Tomas and I are currently weighing in on things. Not sure when you will see a change for upkeep and plots prices, but we defiantly agree that it needs to change. So keep an eye out for details or information later.

    This topic got @Tomas and I talking. We felt there may need to be some balancing. However, we feel that we do not want to protect too much. We felt if the people elected a bad person or a rival to the existing elected officials, than you will need to deal with through role playing. Of course we do not want to make it so bad that the player wants to quit. Some ideas have been generated, but for now we will continue to think about it and see what we will do.

    We are still discussing this one. It is a good point, we do not want one player to own everything. This will likely make an appearance into one of the upcoming updates.

    So the plot storage is bound to each plot. This means when you loose access to a plot, your items are not lost. It just locks up your items until you own the plot again. So once you own the plot again the chests will be just like how you remember. As a result, when you replace a building with a new building the chests will still contain its storage. As for the transferring items, we will look into some way of moving the items. For right now, we will not be adding anything, but in the future you will see something.

    Hopefully this answered everything that was brought up, some of these items are still in the works and may change at some point.

    ~~ Tom

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